You know the deal… new year, new me. Or has this been you all along and you’re just rediscovering your true self? Today we discuss… THE GYM BUNNY

Definition: Arguably the most determined of all our fierce female personalities, the Gym Bunny sets her sights on her goals and nothing will stop her until she gets there. Sheer will-power drives her to make her vision a reality, and when everyone else is having a cheat day, you’ll find her with her trainers in her bag ready to hit the gym after work.

Career: The Gym Bunny is wholly focussed on achieving her body goals. With her meal prep and a bottle of water, this girl has everything she needs to stay fuelled up for a productive day at the office. The discipline she applies to her workouts is the same as the discipline she brings to the office. The ultimate self-starter, nothing makes the Gym Bunny happier than finishing a successful project.

Lifestyle: One word – active. You’ll find her doing anything that gets her body moving. Her favourite weekend activity is hiking in the countryside with her friends, combining exercise with socialising – what could be more perfect than that?

Signature Style: The Gym Bunny is all about being stylish yet practical. She needs an easy style that works both at the gym and for drinks afterwards. Her signature style is the Premium Messy Bun Hair Up Scrunchie. And for today only (09.01.19) we have 30% off our scrunchies. Just use code GYMBUNNY.


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