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3 Easy Halloween Hairstyles

Halloween is almost upon us, so if you haven’t got your costume sorted, then it’s time to do so! If you need a little inspo, look no further. Did you know you can transform your hairstyle from drab to fab in minutes to suit the theme of your costume? Get our top 3 easy Halloween hairstyles to absolutely transform your style and have you looking Insta-ready this Halloween.

1. The genie
This is a seriously simple yet effective hairstyle for Halloween to give you gorgeous genie locks. All you need to do is part your hair horizontally with a fine comb from the top of one ear to the next (clip any loose hair from the top away). You then need to tie back the bottom of your hair half tightly in a hair bobble just below the crown (top) of your head. Next, unclip the previous hair, gather into another hair bobble, right on top of the first one and wrap a strand of hair from one of the tails around both hair bobbles, then finally secure with a hairpin. Whether you decide to go zombie genie or beauty genie, this look will give you the perfect selfie! Style with LullaBellz Curly Glam 22 Inch Ponytail and you’re ready to grant those wishes!

2. Medieval maiden
This is another enviable but simple hairstyle to create. All you need to do is work a small drop of mousse through dry hair and tousle with your fingers for fullness. You then need to gather all the strands under one ear and braid before securing with a hair bobble. Simple! Use LullaBellz 3-in-1 Hair Extension Braid Kit to create this quickly create this look.

3. Dorothy
This is a great look to create as either a zombie or original Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and you can convince your BFFs to be the scarecrow, lion and tin man! To rock this look just part your hair down the middle, then simply twist the sides of the hair part tightly toward your neck. You then need to hold the hair in place with a hair bobble at the bottom of each twist. Secure the wrapped strands with a hairpin and you’ve got your new cool look! Recreate this look with LullaBellz 3-in-1 Hair Extension Braid Kit, all you need is a cute dog and you’re ready to slay those witches!

If you have a cute short do or just want some extra thickness to create these flowing looks, then why not consider clip-in hair extensions? They can transform your look in seconds to give you more choice when creating a fab Halloween hairstyle. Your Instagram loves with soar! Check out the range today on our website and order now to get them in time for Halloween night.

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