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4 tips to taking your perfect selfie

Given how deep we all are into our social media game these days, selfies have probably become a part of your everyday routine, and it probably goes something like this: apply makeup, seek out amazing light, snap dozens upon dozens of selfies just to ensure you have at least ONE that you’re only mildly unhappy with.

Here are just four helpful tips to make sure that you always get the best selfie you possibly can, without filling up your phone’s storage with reject selfies:

1. Find your best angle

Often a good rule to follow is holding your phone close to your face and NOT to angle it from above. Other than that, experiment with selfies from the side, straight on and any other creative shots you can think up. People look their best from different angles so there’s no shame in taking the time to find your favourite angle.

2. Make your hair gorgeous

For the glam profile pic, you want to ensure your hair is shiny and perfect even though this seems like it’s literally impossible to achieve all of the time. Luckily for you, someone somewhere (probably the queen of bad hair days) invented hair extensions which actually makes a world of difference — a proper set of clip-in hair extensions that are tailored to your natural hair colour and length can have you looking absolutely fabulous in no time at all.

3. Fix your lighting crisis

Good choice of lighting can help to reduce undereye circles and get rid of shadows, as well as just making you look more vibrant and healthy. Try facing a window or go outside and bask in the natural glow of the sun. For other inside selfies, an LED or Hollywood mirror can be a godsend as it provides a rounded glow of light without being too harsh. An illuminated mirror can be a way to make the bathroom selfie work well for you, but often this is the room in the house that can let you down the most when it comes to good lighting, so be wary!

4. Bring out your best, most authentic smile

Some people say that no real smile can lead to a bad-looking image, which is true to a point, but really all you need to do is find your most comfortable, natural smile – a real thing of beauty in itself. It can be hard work to try to recreate your most cheesy, natural grin but it’s often best not to focus too much. Don’t make your smile too big or forced, show a little bit of teeth and try to smile with your eyes. It always helps to think happy thoughts!

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