It’s official – 2019 has landed and we are getting ready to be best us we can be. With all the new year’s resolutions, renewed promises to ourselves and general feeling of being able to start fresh, we took a minute to think… we all have different goals and aims for the year ahead and different people we want to grow into. But knowing how to grow into that person can be tough.

As the old saying goes… ‘fake it ’til you make it’. Across the whole of this week, we’ll be exploring five powerful personalities to own in 2019 to live your best life.

And why settle on one? Choose whichever personality traits you need, depending on your mood for 2019.

Today’s fierce focus is: THE GIRLBOSS

Definition: The Girlboss is a savvy and sassy woman, who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go out there and get it. Known for her sharp wit and legendary ability to problem-solve, the Girlboss thrives on deadlines and pressure. Achieving targets is what keeps her motivated. She always makes sure to look her best because you never know when the next networking opportunity will come along and first impressions count.

Career: The original hustler, to the Girlboss, any situation is an opportunity to get ahead in business. Whether it’s making connections at the hottest new restaurant to impress clients on the next business lunch, or spotting a potential supplier relationship, time is money and the girl boss is all about her bank balance.

Lifestyle: Outside of business, the Girlboss uses her endless motivation to ensure that her finances and home are all in order. She is as fierce about her friends as she is about her life goals. If someone messes with them, she is the first one to have their backs. She loves them like family. She guides and pushes them to be their best because it’s not fun being successful all by yourself.

Signature Style: Ticking off to do lists is tough work. Working it while looking fabulous, the Girlboss’ signature style is Sleek Full-Body 22″ Ponytail and for today only (07.01.19) we have 30% off our Ponytails for our Girlbosses out there. Just use code GIRLBOSS

So if you are all about being the CEO of your own life this year, take a leaf from the Book Of The Girlboss, And own it.

Check back tomorrow for our next sassy female character.


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