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Somehow, it’s December already and Christmas is around the corner. With all those festive parties lined up, we’re sure you’ll want to know what’s in store for your sign throughout the holiday season. All of these festivities demand you level up. Dial up the glam factor with our range of 5 piece clip in hair extensions


Feelin’ lucky Sag? Well you should be! This month you’ll see party invites flying at you from pretty much every direction. It’s the party season and you’re feeling the love but be discerning with the invites that you accept. Your clan will love you all the more for dedicating your time to them and carving out time for that special someone will pay off. Trust your intuition, it won’t steer you wrong.


This new moon on 7th December will see your reflecting on who deserves your time and attention. Always on to run a busy social calendar you’re not short of invitations but the new moon will give you new focus on who’s important and who deserves your time. When it comes to love, look closer to home.



Be prepared for your social life to sky rocket as 6th December sees a huge boost in your social calendar, which lasts for the first three weeks of the month. Get your mind on your money as December smiles on financial fortune for you – is there a new way of earning that you’ve been considering that could come to fruition?



You’re seeing 2018 out in style, Leo. The new moon on 7th is one of the best days of the year to set your agenda for love and business. Focus on the direction you want these areas to take on this day and set the course to success for the next six-months. Your more sensual side rules on New Year’s Eve when you might want to choose a more lowkey romantic event than a blow-out party with your whole social circle.



‘Good vibes only’ is your mantra in the final month of 2018, Libra. You are livin’ your best with money in a great place – you are free to treat your loved ones or even better – treat yo’self this holiday season. You are a homebody at heart and babe, you feel this on 21st December so take this night to relax and recharge ahead of the holidays hotting up.


You’re not sorry to see the end of 2018 Virgo, but just before you get too frustrated that we still have another month to go, take solace in the fact that 21st December will be one of the best days of the year for you when it comes to friendships and feeling appreciated. The post-Christmas Day celebrations will also be fortuitous for you as you come to life in the New Year’s party. The night of the 31st sees your sensual side come out – setting the agenda for 2019.



December is the month of love, Taurus. The new moon on 7th sees you resolving some issue in a relationship that means a lot to you, giving you the ground that you need to move forward. Conversations you thought you had put in the past may resurface. Be patient and have the talks again – others need to hear your words again. You and your S.O. will experience a new kind of passion that comes from uncomplicated and open communication.



Feeling like you’re constantly hitting a wall, Pisces? Fear not, from December 6th onwards, everything is coming together for you. Your relationships work and all round, everything is running smoothly. If you’ve been feeling creative recently, channel that energy into a project and someone important will take notice!



It’s getting’ hot in here. Early in December, Venus is heading you’re way and is bringing the fire to your romance sector. Single Scorpios will see Tinder matches going off, or someone you’ve had your eye on for a while finally sitting up and taking notice. Attached? Your S.O. won’t be able to keep their hands off you.



The start of December sees Venus moving into your eighth house, giving your relationship between love and cash a boost. Been working more 5-9 than 9-5, babe? You’re abut to get noticed for those efforts, or maybe a new career move is on the horizon?



Think big this month, Gem! Your ruling planet, mercury is taking over making your wildest dreams a reality. You’re good with finances this month – lucky you, so if you’ve had any plans in the pipeline, now is the time to action them.



If you’ve been in a thoughtful mood recently, focus on those inner musings and you’re bund to stumble across something profound that will solve an issue that’s been buggin’ you since June this year. You’re a master communicator this month and your silver tongue will have a captive audience throughout the month. Your ambition is through the roof, but don’t pressure yourself to go it alone. Your squad will be in the perfect place to help you on your way to achieving your dreams.


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