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How to care for your hair during winter

As the weather turns colder and we head into winter it’s time to start updating your hair care so that you look your best all season long. Winter is usually a time for lots of socialising with Christmas parties and the big day itself being occasions you want to feel extra special and glam. However, you should think about how you’re planning to care for your hair throughout the colder months so that you feel your best for every occasion! Below we’ve listed our top tips for caring for your hair throughout winter.

Invest in quality

When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, it’s worth investing to ensure you get the quality clean you need. Nothing ruins hair quicker than trying to save costs by using cheaper shampoo. You should be rinsing your hair about 4 times a week so that you don’t dry it out with too much shampooing. You can condition every day if required (if your hair is dry) but you don’t need to if they’re okay. Use cold water to lock moisture into your hair and don’t compromise by using cheaper conditioner – that doesn’t help you achieve the results you want.

Heat is harmful

Heat products such as hair dryers, curling tongs and straighteners cause your hair to dry out quickly and this is the case throughout the year, not just in winter. However, the cold weather of winter means your hair is more likely to dry out quicker, so you should use heat protectant sprays and products with extra moisture in to protect the condition of your hair throughout the season.

Care about your cut

Having your hair regularly trimmed during the winter months is important to maintain the condition and quality of your hair. If you neglect your cut you will be left with ugly-looking split ends and hair which doesn’t style the way you want it to. With so many social events to get excited about, having hair you don’t love isn’t a great way to head into the season.

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