She’s the girl that just knows. Knows about the latest launches, after hours spots and the latest celeb news. Today we present… THE SOCIALITE

Definition: If there are two things that this is girl is never short on, they are sass and plans. Never off her phone, she knows about the newest restaurants, bars and after hours hotspots before anyone else and is always on any guest list for the parties to see and be seen at. She works the room like a pro and somehow knows everyone at every party. Good luck trying to nail this girl down to a date, her diary is full for the next 100 years.

Career: The ultimate people person, this is the girl that makes you look forward to coming to work. Let her lead the conference call and she’ll close the deal. With an amazing ability to read people she can switch up being super professional, to go on the charm offensive when needed. She brings her A-game everyday.

Lifestyle: The Socialite has a diary that would make most people’s head hurt. Weekday or weekend, she’s got something going on. With what seems like endless numbers of friends, she makes sure she gives each of her social groups some time and attention to keep her squad close.

Signature Style: The day or night could take her anywhere, so for effortless style that’s perfect for any event, the Socialite goes for easy, yet stunning one piece clip in extensions. And for today only (10.01.19) we have 25% off all of our one pieces. Just use code SOCIALITE.

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