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Kim K’s Blonde: Fake it ’til you make it

Kim Kardashian’s recent blonde bombshell transformation had us all SHOOK. Unveiled at New York Fashion Week, the look was such a drastic change from Kim’s usual glossy ‘Cher-hair’ mane, we could barely believe she’d taken the plunge.

OK, so how did she do it?

But how on Earth is she achieving that blonde? How can you come up from jet black to a perfect platinum like it’s not even a thing? Kim has claimed the look is 100% au natural – all real hair. Carefully crafted by celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton, Kim’s blonde is a feat of style science.

But how can us mere mortals get the look without having a twenty-strong glam squad on speed dial? Obviously, the fear with extreme platinum is RUINING your hair. Many of us have been there in our teens – reaching for the bleach and ending up with brassy, yellow hair with major split ends and breakages – or even worse – a green tinge! *gasps*

Choose your shade

The secret with platinum is choosing a shade that suits your skin tone. For most people, this will be an ashy colour – we’re thinking futuristic chic, not Pamela Anderson in the 90s. Look out for a silver or cool-toned blonde, as opposed to a straight-up bleach blonde. Another product that can help you on the way to the perfect platinum is your gran’s fave – good old-fashioned purple shampoo.

Keep it cut

Another secret to bagging Kim’s style is keeping your hair in tip-top condition by – shock horror – keeping it short. Lightening extracts the pigment from your hair, inevitably making it weaker. To keep your hair shiny, smooth and luscious, go for regular trims to keep your tresses healthy and strong.

Fake it

To achieve the full Kim K platinum Rapunzel look, invest in some high-quality hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are the most versatile, so you can mix up your look day to night – without having to sacrifice the condition of your natural locks.

LullaBellz hair extensions come in a range of different blonde shades – visit our shop and you’re sure to find a match that will help you steal Kim’s style.

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