Hair Extensions

Look after your hair extensions with LullaBellz!

LullaBellz premium synthetic hair extensions have been designed and made to the highest standard to last longer than cheaper synthetic hair extensions you can find on the internet.

And we’re proud to launch a new range of synthetic hair extensions care kits to help you keep your LullaBellz synthetic hair extensions looking their best (and get some extra wears from them too!!)

So here are a few super tips for looking after your synthetic hair extensions:

Hang up your hair extensions

Now, this might seem obvious but you really MUST hang up your hair extensions when you’re not wearing them. Hanging your LullaBellz synthetic hair extensions stops the strands from getting tangled and keeps them in their natural shape.


The new LullaBellz Hanger + Hair-Drobe (that’s a wardrobe for your hair girls) is a safe place to keep your hair extensions when you’re not wearing them and protects from dust and fluff and stuff!

Wash your hair extensions

Gently wet hair extensions with warm water and massage in Shampoo throughout the length of your extension hair, ensuring you are smoothing the product through the hair. DO NOT rub. Wash out before repeating steps with Conditioner and rinse with cold water to seal in the shine. Leave to air dry and your LullaBellz extensions will be good as new

Shampoo & Conditioner – Hair Extensions Care has been specially formulated to keep your hair silky-smooth and Insta-perfect!

Brush your hair extensions

Get yourself a Tangle Teaser and use it to brush your extensions regularly. The LullaBellz Tangle Teaser is perfect for keeping your hair extensions knot-free and is a no-brainer at only £6.


So what are you waiting for? Take a look here and keep your extensions in tip-top condition.


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