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It’s knitwear season, Pumpkin Spice is back in our lives and National Chocolate Week has arrived… life hasn’t been this good in months.

As much as healthy living is totally top of our daily agenda, what’s life without the occasional treat? And when it comes to chocolate, the options are endless. With hot chocolate, chocolate fountains, chocolate chunks, choc chip cookies, white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate sauce, chocolate milk and limitless other chocolate combinations, there’s something for all chocolate lovers this week.

Whatever your preferred way to enjoy, this week is the perfect excuse to set some time aside and make a conscious effort to treat yourself.  And for those who don’t get excited by eating chocolate (who are you!?) LullaBellz has a range of deliciously chocolatey hair extension shades to choose from, for styles that look lusciously rich and textured.

From luxurious Choc Brown through to glamorous Dark Brown, we’re celebrating all coco-inspired shades this week with a discount code on all five piece hair extensions.

Simply enter the code CHOC20 at the checkout.

And as if you’d need any more convincing, check out our chocolate shade hair inspo featuring the five piece straight, available to shop here.




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