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The Perfect Bridal Hair

The Royal Wedding was exactly the fairytale we had hoped for – even if Beatrice and Eugenie didn’t wow us with some crazy hats. Meghan Markle was in every sense a princess with hair that Disney would be proud of! Summer wedding season is now in full swing so if you fancy having hair as gorgeous as the new Duchess of Sussex then hair extensions will be your friend. Meghan’s sleek, glossy locks are beautiful in both colour and length. It allows her to be versatile with styling and adds glamour to every look.

Consider clip-in extensions 

Clip-in hair extensions can give you the little boost you need if your hair doesn’t seem to grow past your shoulders but you want the ultimate up-do for your wedding day. Or maybe you want to channel your inner beach babe and have long and flowing boho hair but can only do that with hair extensions.

How to: long and flowing locks 

One way hair extensions can help you achieve your dream look on your wedding day is by adding length in order for you to achieve true Princess status with long and flowing locks. Instagram and Pinterest is awash with beach babes showing off their boho hair styles, and keeping things simple with the length being the talking point allows you to accessorise to the max. Add in flowers to further emphasise your chilled back approach or simply just spray the extensions with salt spray to make it seem like you have just strolled off the beach.

How to: up-do worthy of a Duchess 

If you fancy keeping things a little more structured and polished and having your hair up like the new Duchess, clip-in hair extensions have you covered. Adding more length to your hair gives you more to style, allowing you to be more ambitious and have a more complicated up-do. You might want to add in lots of braiding to keep things tidy or need the extra length in order to get more volume with your finished style. OMG you are practically a Duchess if you style your wedding hair like Meghan!

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