The Life and Soul is literally that – the girl who breathes colour into the most drab of days and makes even boring tasks seem suddenly fun. Today’s personality is THE LIFE AND SOUL

Definition:The Life And Soul loves people. More specifically she loves the energy that people give her. With unrivalled wit and humour, she is magnetic with most eyes being on her in any room she’s in. This girl, not only knows how to command attention with her personality, her style is on point every day, I mean, it has to be because she lives for the last minute plan. Gotta be prepared for any event, so at the very least, subtle glam is always called for! 

Career: The Life And Soul learns how to love whatever job she takes on. With such a positive attitude, she makes any job enjoyable, while motivating her team and generally making the workplace a better place to be!

Lifestyle: Plans, plans, plans. This lady loves any excuse to get dressed up and hit the town with her girls. Her friends are her life. She’s first port of call whenever there’s a down day, plus her wardrobe is absolute goals – perfect to borrow from.

Signature Style: A true glam icon, the Life And Soul is always in her five piece hair extensions. And for today only (11. 01.19) we have 25% off all of our 5 pieces. Just use code LIFEANDSOUL.

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So there you have it – our five ways to own 2019 – The Girlboss, The Instababe, The Gym Bunny, The Socialite and The Life and Soul.

How will you own 2019? xx



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