THE ability to go from long flowing waves to short bobs and back again at the drop of a hat used to be a superpower that only to A-listers could tap into.


Hollywood stars could grow their hair 6 inches in one month, or dye it every other week with no visible damage. The secret? Great wigs that transform some of our favourite celebrities’ looks, from Nicole Kidman to Cardi B.


But times are changing. Not only are quality, affordable wigs now available to everyone, but with more and more celebrities openly wearing and discussing wigs, wigging out is becoming mainstream.


Wigs can be fun or functional, but most importantly, the right wig will always be fierce.


Lullabellz offers a range of lace front wigs that take inspiration from celebs that slay. Here are a few tips on how to choose and care for your wig to ensure it looks great, time after time.’s lace fronts are a firm favourite among celebs and influencers – watch how they can transform their looks.


Love Island’s Cara De La Hoyde swaps her trade mark long dark locks for a sassy, bouncy blonde look using Lullabellz’ wig, The Khloe.


BEFORE                                                        AFTER


As a new mum with lots of new responsibilities, Lullabellz is ideal for bringing the glam factor, without having to spend hours in the salon. Perfect for quality time with Freddie.

Survival Of The Fittest’s Mariam Musa and Love Island’s Jessica Hayes look sweet in The Candy


Jessie Frizzell switches up her look with ease using The Kimmy K and The Khloe.






There are endless styles, with more being designed and constantly added to the Lullabellz line to suit a variety of face shapes. Consider your current face shape and whether you are more comfortable with a centre or side parting. Or if you simply want to steal Kim K’s style, there’s a lace front for that.

Synthetic wigs are great for adding extra volume and body, and with our top tips. You’ll be applying yours like a pro in no time.



The flatter your hair is against your head, the better the wig will look. You can braid and pin hair up at the back, tie it into a low pony and wrap into a flat bun or mould it against your head using gel and securing with hair grips. A wig cap can also be used to help keep your hair neat and in place.


Place the wig on your head and pull forward to line it up with your natural hairline, ensuring your own hair is tucked under. The adjuster straps on all Lullabellz wigs can be altered if the wig feels too tight or too loose.



Once in place, carefully trim the lace along the natural hairline. Try to leave about 3mm of lace to blend in for a natural look.




To make your lace front look like it truly belongs to you, add a little foundation to the lace parting and at the hairline, using a makeup brush or sponge to ensure a flawless blend.


If your new do is looking a little too shiny for your liking, use a spritz of dry shampoo to create a more matte look.


If you need a little more security to flip your hair like ‘Yoncé you can add a little wig glue or adhesive to keep the wig in place all night.




One of the great things about synthetic wigs is that they don’t need a huge amount of maintenance to keep them looking fresh af.


Firstly, brush up. Literally. Start at the bottom of the wig and brush towards the ends, working your way up until you reach the roots, instead of brushing the length of the wig from the roots to the tips. Tangle-teasers or metal pronged brushes work best. For curly wigs, it’s best to brush through with your fingers.


Take a stand. When you’re not rocking your wig, it’s best to keep it on a mannequin head to ensure it stays tangle-free and basically looking GOAT.




Those curls looking dull? Time to wash up and get your wig back to its best. Brush it out thoroughly before washing.


Cold water is a wig’s best friend. Leave it to soak for about 5 minutes. Gently does it. Unlike human hair, synthetic wigs can’t take twisting or scrubbing. Lightly dip your do in and out of the cold water. If using a wig conditioner, empty then refill the basin with cold water and add a few capfuls of wig conditioner (always follow the specific instructions on your chosen conditioner) before re-soaking.


Rinse the wig with the water-flow pointing from the roots down to the ends. Place your wig on a hairspray can to air dry to avoid stretching out the cap when wet. Never brush when wet as this can stretch out the fibres.


Follow these tips to get a wig that gives you a new look that you can slay whenever you feel like living your best.


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