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Why Hair Extensions Are The Perfect Addition To Your Natural Hair

Are you looking for a way to create the ultimate selfie and jazz up your look? Then consider adding clip-in hair extensions to your hair. Here are the top reasons why we think hair extensions are the perfect addition to your hair.

1. They increase your hair length

Some people have naturally shorter hair and no amount of special treatments will make it grow longer. This is where hair extensions come in, they can add extra length to your hair in a matter of minutes. This means if you want long, luscious locks for an upcoming event then it’s possible without the headache of waiting for your hair to grow. It’s also great for people who prefer having shorter hair for summer but would prefer longer hair for their Christmas parties. You can switch up your look by the season.

2. Switch up your hair colour

Dying your hair is a costly process because of the maintenance it requires. You often need top-ups and the colours can fade quite quickly. Sometimes you also don’t want to risk dying your hair because it can make it dry or even fall out – or what if you don’t like the new colour? This is where hair extensions can help. You have the freedom to experiment with different colours without the risk. Think of the ‘ombre trend’, or even highlights or lowlights.

3. Create thick, luscious hair

Some of us have naturally thin hair (regardless of all the hair thickening shampoos we try). While this can be frustrating, you can add that extra dose of “oomph” to your hair with the addition of hair extensions. You simply clip them in and your hair instantly looks fabulous.

4. They’re an easy process

Unlike other types of hair extensions which require glue or micro loops, clip-in hair extensions literally are just that. All you need to do is clip them in and once you’re finished, clip them out. It’s hassle free and if you look after them they will continue to make you look fabulous.

If you’re interested in premium clip-in hair extensions then check out the range at LullaBellz today. Our hair extensions will leave you feeling Instagram ready!

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