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Why you need hair extensions for the perfect profile pic

These days there’s not much more important than nailing the perfect profile pic. After all, this will be used on all the hottest sites – from Twitter and Instagram to Facebook and Snapchat. So how can you take a fab photo that will make you look like a true queen? Well, the first step is to bag yourself some hair extensions. You then just need to work your magic and prepare to slay in front of the lens. Here are just three ways you’ll kill it with your profile pic if you’re rocking hair extensions.

Your best self

Don’t even settle for looking like a second rate version of yourself on your profile pic. Instead, live your best life with your best photo. Extensions will give your hair some much-needed volume and life, meaning you’re one step closer to wowing on social media. It’s so important that you get it right, because this image can be seen by your frenemies and exes as well as your BFFs.


It’s no walk in the park trying to show personality on your profile picture. You can show that you’ve got mad selfie skills – but what else can you do? Fear not, hair extensions will give you a lot more to play around with on your head. This means you can sport all the latest styles and pump some personality into the image. Everyone will just love what you’ve got going on.

Standing out

Do you know that there are over 800 million users on Instagram? Okay, so you might not have a following quite like Kimmy K but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to stand out from the crowd. Hair extensions can give the impression that you’ve got naturally amazing volume and a head of hair to die for. This will make sure that all eyes are drawn to you when they log on.


You’ll be #winning with your profile picture if you’re rocking hair extensions. Just think of all the styles you can sport and all the heads you can turn! To find the perfect pair that matches your colouring, check out the great selection available at LullaBellz.

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