Whoever said life was easy obviously had someone to make all of their decisions for them. Decisions are tough and we have about 35,000 of them to make everyday. I’m not kidding – that’s science.


35,000 decisions. Every. Single. Day. Sure, some are easy, like do I get melted cheese on my nachos? (The answer is always yes by the way. You’re welcome). But some of them are a little trickier.


No matter the decision – whether it’s ‘Do I wear my hair up or down for girls’ night?’, ‘Do I double text him or is my self-preservation instinct too strong?’ or ‘Is this is right career move for me?’, channel the ultimate CEO of her own life, Kris – and you’ll not often go wrong.


Of course, Kris has so many sides to her personality which would all make different decisions on any given day. Take our quiz to find out which Kris you are channelling in your 35,000 decisions today ….


Dilemma one:

You and your girls decide that Christmas calls for board games and you break out the Monopoly. The game is progressing nicely, then you all hear the smoke alarm and realise the cheese you are melting on to your nachos is burning. What’s your next move?


  1. You are first on the scene to save the cheese!
  2. You take this opportunity to sneak £500 from the bank (snooze ya lose, Suckas)
  3. You are already on Deliveroo to replace the burned mess
  4. You ‘accidentally’ knock the board over ending the game – the fighting was all too much for you anyway


Dilemma two:

You have been indulging throughout the festive period, with too many mince pies but you know that you’ll be hitting the gym in the new year so a few more days of merry eating and drinking will be fine. Your girls Christmas night is tonight and your bestie walks in having shed at least half a stone. You:


  1. Tell her she looks amazing because, good for her
  2. Block her immediately. She didn’t even tell you she was on a diet. Now you run the risk of being the whale in the NYE pics. Selfish
  3. Book your in-between-Christmas-and-New-Years’ gym class now – great motivation to get back in the gym now instead of waiting for 2019
  4. Try stuffing loads of cheese and pies down her so that weight goes right back on and neither of you have to go to the gym


Dilemma three:

It’s Christmas Day and you’re having a Christmas pyjama day with the fam. In the lull between present-opening and dinner and you scroll through Insta and see your crush is posting and commenting on festive pics. You:


  1. Drop him a casual ‘Merry Christmas’ DM
  2. Go upstairs and change into an outfit that slays for a Christmas Day selfie that’s guaranteed to get you noticed
  3. Do a quick make up check and post a story in your PJs with the whole family
  4. Just ignore – there’s Prosecco where you are. That’s all that matters.


Dilemma four:

Your boss approaches you the week before Christmas and tells you that she really needs you in the office on Christmas Eve to help on a last minute project that has to be submitted before Christmas. You’ve already made plans with friends and family on the day but you know they would understand if you had to cancel. The question is do you want to be there? You say:


  1. No, Christmas is family time. You will stick to the plans you’ve made
  2. Of course, this will earn you major brownie points and prove how committed you are to your job
  3. You will help for half a day but tell her that you have to leave at a certain time to make your other commitments
  4. Yes to your boss, but have a nagging feeling that your hangover might mean you call in sick anyway


So which Kris are you today?


Mostly 1s


You are utterly committed to your friends and family. You know that this is the most important part of your life and although you can disagree with them and aren’t afraid to call them out, you will sacrifice anything for them. The holidays are the time for friends and family so but just make sure you balance all that love with the other aspects of your life on 2019.


Mostly 2s

You got money on your mind. You are all about where that next pay check is coming from. You know getting head means utter commitment to your income. If you can crush the competition by doing what they won’t – you’ll do it You’re ruthless in your quest for success. Channel that energy to slay 2019.



Mostly 3s

You’re a pretty balanced version of Kris. You’ve got a solid head for decisions today and know how to juggle all the commitments you have in your life. You know how to compromise and show how much both career and family mean to you. Stay focused.


Mostly 4s


You’re totally party Kris today. You’re focussed on how to have the best time, and the best time is about doing exactly what you want to do regardless of whether it fits in with what others want and need you to do. This festive season will be crazy fun, but make sure you take a couple days to consider others so you still have a solid squad in 2019.


So the next time you feel like this…



Just remember, you have the momager in you. Make the choice to live your best.



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