5 Reasons Why You Need To Try Beauty Glow

5 Reasons Why You Need To Try Beauty Glow


With Summer fast approaching, we've got our online shopping baskets full to the brim with cute co-ords, dreamy beachwear and (obviously) the LullaBellz Clip-in Hair Extensions to match. All that's missing? The lustrous skin glow and finish we're all dreaming of to take us right through the higher temperatures and hazy evenings.

Cue Beauty Glow..

The sister brand to LullaBellz, and your newest beauty obsession, pending. A curated range of tanning products designed for the glow-getters among us, who strive for that glistening skin finish without the unsightly tan marks, streaks (or orange bedding). The clear and lightweight formula ensures a fool-proof application even for beginners, and infused with a plethora of skin-loving vitamins and ingredients to nourish the face and body, what's not to love?

1. Kind to skin formulations

Packed full of skin-loving and nourishing ingredients, each Beauty Glow formula is completely kind to skin and contains no nasties - so you can rest assured the products you're using on delicate areas, face & body will not only provide glowing results, but are super beneficial to maintain skin health, too.

Aloe Vera, Vitamin C and Glycerin deeply hydrate and nourish whilst keeping your complexion glowing. The dreamy and light formula works to diminish fine lines, promote collagen production and brighten skin tone all whilst providing you with a radiance-boosting gradual tan. Sounds like a win, right?

Worrying about blocked pores? Our Exfoliating Mitt underneath the velvet material ensures skin is perfectly prepped for tanning application, leaving blackheads and open comedones in the past.

2. Guaranteed streak-free results

Lightweight on the skin, the Beauty Glow Tanning Water and Tanning Drops absorb swiftly into the skin, much quicker than a mousse or lotion formula would. The thin water-like consistency moisturises and deeply hydrates the skin, ensuring a streak-free application from head to toe. For optimal results, the accompanying Beauty Glow Facial Silicone Disc is the ideal prep product for exfoliating skin to promote a smooth application and flawless finish.

3. No orange palms!

Whether you're a fake tan beginner or a bronzing connoisseur, some fake tans can result in splodgy, orange palms - whether that be down to the formula or incorrect application. It's a sure tell-tale sign that you're wearing false tan, so Beauty Glow are here to change the game! Formulated with an olive undertone, you can wave goodbye to unsightly orange and unnatural tones. Sun-kissed bronze hues guaranteed!

Designed with a clear formula, the product contains no colour guide, so you can hop into those white crisp bedsheets or throw on that summery sundress without the staining drama.

4. Total versatile tanning

With its super gentle formula, Beauty Glow can be used not only to enhance the skin tone on your body. For a matching complexion from head to toe, our Beauty Glow Tanning Glow Water can be spritzed on the face and then buffed in with our Velvet Tanning Mitts for a subtle glow that enhances your overall tan.

Prefer a much more hydrated finish? Mix in two to three drops (depending on intensity) of the Beauty Glow Tanning Glow Drops into your daily moisturiser and apply for a nourishing finish. This serum works to add a subtle glow and results in a dreamy skin tint within 6-8 hours of application.

5. It's Super affordable

Tanning products don't have to break the bank, and we're here to prove just that. Our affordable range of Tanning Glow Water, Tanning Glow Drops and accessories start at just £5, with the maximum price tag being £14 for 100ml, a sure way to last you all through Summer with a goddess glow!

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