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We know it's mid August and term-time should be the last thing on your mind (we wouldn't want to think about Maths and Physics classes just yet, either) — but September is just around the corner, and planning ahead to the new School year is important to ensure you feel confident when you step back into that Mon-Fri routine. New uniform, new shoes and new School bags all call for brand new hairstyles, right? Trends are ever-changing and so it's the perfect opportunity to enhance or tweak hairstyles you may already wear, or experiment with a brand new 'do to instantly upgrade your look.

We've rounded up 5 quick and super easy hairstyles using our Hair Extensions that you can easily recreate at home to implement into your weekly schedule, and those that won't take up too much of your time on a morning. So whether you're a super organised girl on-the-go, or perhaps overslept your alarm  we've got you covered.


Firstly, Hair Extensions are incredibly versatile and can be worn to subtly enhance hair, or to create a bold transformation. Whether you're looking to add length, thickness, or both to your natural locks — our Premium Clip-ins can solve most hair dilemmas in just a few minutes.

Secondly, they're super easy to apply! Constructed with silicone-based clips for the ultimate security and comfort, you can be rest assured that your Hair Extensions will stay perfectly in place until the last bell rings.

Lastly, they're ideal for solving hair-emergencies. Hair Extensions can conceal oily roots or frizz-prone hair, allowing you to be on your way without spending hours styling your natural hair first thing on a morning. Win, win.


Application time: 15-20 mins

Can't choose between a ponytail and wearing your hair down? Cue our Half Up, Half Down sets - the perfect happy medium to channel both styles simultaneously. Now this style is probably the most time consuming, however the results speak for themselves.

Available in two best-selling variations - it's the perfect style to encapsulate full-bodied hair with so much thickness. Channel bouncy curls with incredible volume using our clip in curly hair extensions and pony combo, or keep it sleek and polished Ariana Grande style with our Straight 22” design.


Application time: 5 mins

To channel that imperfectly, perfect look — run, don't walk to your shopping cart and add the Premium Messy Bun Scrunchie. It's as simple as twisting the bobble base around your pre-styled hair to create instant height, lift, texture and volume. This all-rounder would be our go-to for those mornings when you just need to snooze your alarm again, again.. and again

LullaBellz Top Tip: If you prefer a much more uniform and precise bun without the loose texture, pin back individual sections of the hair and secure in place with a few kirby grips for a secure finish.


Application time: 10 mins

If you prefer the luxury and elegance of Remy Human Hair Extensions to reign the most premium look, then you'll need our 22" Human Hair Ponytail. Crafted from 100% real Human Hair, ensuring a natural and seamless blend with your own hair. The cuticle correct design ensures that each and every hair strand is aligned in the same direction, preventing tangling and ensuring a smooth and silky finish to your term-time hairstyle.

LullaBellz Top Tip: Why not try out and experiment with a Click & Twist Heat Tool to further upgrade your look? The Thicc Curl Wand, OG Waver or It's That Deep Waver wand attachments can be used throughout sections of the ponytail to take your lengths from sleek to textured tresses in minutes.


Application time: 10 mins

The Mini Grande 18" 90s Curl Ponytail gains serious points for cuteness. Not only does this style provide instant glam and length, it's also incredibly time-efficient and easy to apply (even if you're a complete beginner to Hair Extensions) — making it the perfect ponytail for busy mornings when you hit the snooze button one too many times. The tousled and prominent curls can be left as they are, or lightly brushed out to create voluminous waves with XXL body and texture.

LullaBellz Top Tip: Use our Slick Back Down Baby Hair Styler to perfect the wraparound section of the ponytail, for a glossy and secure finish. It's the perfect mini sized product to pop into your School bag for touch-ups on the go, too.


Application time: 15 mins

The Bubble Braid hairstyle is ideal for medium to longer hair types for the best results. However, if your hair lacks length, don't fret! Our Grande 26" Straight Ponytail or Sleek Full-Body 22" Pony are the perfect products to enhance your natural hair length to create the perfect starting point for this style.

Simply take a few hair elastics once you've secured your ponytail in place, wrap them around equal sections of hair gradually working to the ends, and then gently pull apart each section to create the 'bubbles'. P.s, don't forget your Slick & Fix Styling Glue and Backcombing Brush to create the sleekest, smooth finish to your School-ready hairstyle!


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(* = Applies to full-priced Synthetic Hair and Wigs only. Excludes new launch products)

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