Shade Spotlight: Brunette Hair Extensions

Shade Spotlight: Brunette Hair Extensions

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Brown hair is one of the most popular shades when it comes to hair extensions. It epitomises sophistication and elegance, and brunette statement hair can totally elevate an outfit depending on your desired hairstyle. This hair often has a gorgeous glossy sheen or lustre to it, which can be difficult to achieve in blondes. Finding the correct shade is the key to a seamless blend when wearing any type of Hair Extensions, ensuring you identify the same unique undertones as your natural hair for the most realistic finish!

Next in our Shade Spotlight series are the well-loved brunette hues. Whether your shade is a warm Chestnut, rich Chocolate Brown or a balayage blend of sunkissed Mellow Brown tones - we're more than confident to have a shade match for all tresses!

With a wide range of colours from light brown, medium mousey brown, right through to dark brown hues, read on as we cover some of our most popular colours in our darker brunette Hair Extensions, and the shade selects to opt for when purchasing your LullaBellz Hair Extensions.


For multi-dimensional hair with prominent or chunky highlights, Mellow Brown, Blondette and Toffee Brown should be your go-to shade! These blends feature striking and contrasting multi-tones, which once applied into your own hair harmonise seamlessly with heavily highlighted hues.

Blondette and Toffee Brown are better suited for hair coloured with warmer, caramel blonde highlights, whereas Mellow Brown is more on the cool side - perfect for ashier blonde hues. These shades can also be used on hair with a block tone, to recreate a multi-tonal balayage effect which looks freshly styled out of the salon!



For hair which features more subtle tones, such as soft babylights or hand-painted highlights, you'll want to check out our Dark Brown & Caramel or Warm Brunette hues. The lighter highlights in these shades are gently scattered throughout the several layers on each weft in singular strands, making them incredibly easy to blend into already pre-lightened hair.

Dark Brown & Caramel, as the name says, features warm blonde highlighted tones which resemble honey or caramel. Whereas Warm Brunette is on the richer auburn side with a slight red undertone.


If your hair is a complete block shade with no highlights, lowlights or multi-tones running through it, you'll need one of our staple brown shades to compliment this. Chestnut and Choc Brown are our warmer toned shades. They reflect light perfectly which can make these colours appear much more red toned in direct sunlight.

If your hair is dark brown but not black, we always advise our Chocolate Brown shade as this is one of the deepest hues we stock, which still maintains its brown tone without the stark depth of black.


Last but not least, is our glossy and lustrous dark brown tone. Although it falls under the Dark Brown category and shade name, this hue features bold depth which can make the colour appear black in most lights. It's the ideal shade if your hair is on the deeper tone of being dark brown. The shade features so much shine and gloss in natural daylight, making your natural hair appear healthy and full of life.


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