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If you’ve never tried our Clip-In Hair Extensions, where have you been? They're a LullaBellz must-have, available in a plethora of lengths from 14" right up to 34", and a vast array of pre-styled texture choices to level up your hair game with salon results guaranteed. Designed as a temporary solution to enhance hair of all lengths and thicknesses, in just a few simple steps.

We’ve all been there, buying our first clip-ins as a teenager to show off to our besties at the weekend (in a shade that totally didn’t match, and resembled Barbie hair, but we thought it still looked SO good). Times have changed, hair extension products have developed tremendously, and it’s safe to say we won’t be posting that ponytail pic for #ThrowbackThursday anytime soon..

We all want the ultimate princess hair, don't we? The longer lengths, the perfect shade and the seamless blend, but where do we start? Hair Extensions are like another world and we know it can be daunting when you are new here, but, you're in the right place! We're going to be covering styles, shades, methods and techniques to help you get started on your ultimate hair journey transformation. It's time to upgrade your natural hair from drab to fab babe. Want foxy locks? Then keep reading..



Complete confidence with Clip-In Hair Extensions taking you from 0-100 real quick. In need of a temporary quick-fix solution to add volume, length and beauty? Here at Lullabellz, we provide the ultimate highest-quality Syntheti-Silk Clip-In Extensions alongside our Indian Remy Human Hair Extensions, giving you the best of both worlds (yes, that is a Hannah Montana pun) to elevate your appearance. Ranging from 5 Pieces to 1 Pieces, here's 5 reasons why you NEED them:

Instant length and volume- A quick and easy way to add length and volume to your hair without waiting for it to grow naturally. Our One Pieces work wonders for fine hair and thin hair and due to our silicone lining it creates a seamless blend for a natural look.

Versatility- Our Clip-In Extensions come in a range of styles, lengths, textures and shades, allowing you to change your look whenever you want. Experiment with low lights and highlights without the permanent commitment to your own hair. It's a win-win situation, babe.

None-permanent solution- Unlike other Hair Extension methods such as a Weave, Tape Ins, Sew Ins - Clip-In Extensions are temporary and can be easily removed whenever you want. This means special occasions, events or day-to-day wear just got a lot more stress-free with the easy application of Clip Ins.

Convenience- Clip-In Hair Extensions are soooo convenient girl, they require no special tools or professional help for application. You can do this yourself from the comfort of your own home within minutes. Save that dollar hunny because there's no need for the professionals round' here.

Low maintenance- Where are all my low-maintenance queens? Compared to Nano Rings, Tape Ins, Micro Rings, Clip Ins are insanely easy to manage. You can wash, style and store these just like your natural hair, and with proper care, they can last a long time. Using a soft bristle brush such as our 'vent brush' is a top tip hack to maintain any hair type. It's giving salon-worthy results but without the price tag, and we're so here for it!

Simply put, Clip-in Hair Extensions give you the freedom of a temporary hair transformation without having to commit to a semi-permanent hairstyle. They're also incredibly safe to wear in the hair and cause minimal to no damage if applied, maintained and cared for appropriately.

Unlike glue-in Hair Extensions whereby residue from the adhesive can get stuck to the strands and roots of your hair and become difficult to remove, Clip-in Hair Extensions take seconds to apply and take out - without any build-up of product left behind.

Another notable benefit of Clip-in Hair Extensions is the ease and flexibility of wear. If you're prone to colouring or highlighting your hair regularly and tend to switch up your look a lot, Clip-ins allow you to easily change your look without committing to a permanent method.



Synthetic Hair has become increasingly popular over the last decade, especially with thanks to social media and our glam AF influencers taking over! But before making a purchase as a first-time buyer or even just changing your preference, it's crucial to know why Synthetic Hair is the one for you and here's why...

Synthetic Hair is made from a man-made mono fibre material which is chemically processed during the manufacturing process to achieve its style and unique colour. You'd like to know that Synthetic Hair is typically a lot cheaper than Real Human Hair Extensions due to its shorter lifespan (don't let this put you off) With the best maintenance and aftercare, these can last quite a long time keeping in tip-top condition and remaining amazing quality. Storing them in our Satin storage bag will keep them looking brand new and well-kept when you aren't wearing them.

Although our Synthetic Clip-In Hair Extensions can not be dyed or toned like your natural hair can, colour choices are ever-improving and we constantly have new hues and even newer, our Rooted Balayage Blends collection is guaranteed to have the perfect match for you! Making it all the while easier to find the best shade without the permanent results.

It may be the case that this type of hair needs replenishing more than Human Hair, however, the lower price point makes them the ultimate solution for all the girlies wanting to achieve longer, fuller, beautiful hair without the price tag and without the styling fuss.



Self-explanatory, Human Hair Extensions derive from 100% Natural Hair. The majority of Human Hair Extensions come from India hence why these are named Indian Remy Human Hair. The process of Human Hair is that it's collected, chemically processed, dyed and manufactured in such a way that the hair arrives straight and ready to style (to your preference of course).

Real Human Hair Extensions are usually available in a variety of different hair methods such as Micro Rings, Tape In Hair Extensions, Clip In Hair extensions which can suit any hair type however, at Lullabellz we like to provide the most convenient application for our beauty gurus and offer the best clip in method for ease, comfort and care to be able to maintain excellent quality.

Whilst Human Hair Extensions can be treated like real hair in regards to dying, toning and heat styling them (unlike synthetic ones) we recommend keeping this to a minimum to maintain the quality of the Remy Hair to improve the texture and longevity. So Whether your hair has all the curls or is bone straight, our Human Hair Extensions can be styled to suit all hair types. To help with this and with keeping the hair tangle-free, we recommend our Knots Out Detangling Spray for hair health, partnered with our Revive & Thrive Hair Mask which is a conditioner for the hair to keep it looking brand new, every time.

The best Hair Extensions can be a bit on the pricy side (eeeeek) * cries in cost of living * but don't panic babe, this is a lifelong investment as they are the highest quality grade and a more permanent solution. However, the price can differ depending on thickness, length, method and quality of the hair and not to forget this can also depend on double-drawn, half a head or a full head of extensions. (Who would have thought Hair Extensions could have so many factors??) Human Hair Extensions are triple the wear, more volume and the most natural looking factor to your own hair.



The million dollar question, babe! Choosing the best Hair Extensions depends on various factors such as your hair type, desired look, budget and lifestyle. Taking into consideration the texture, and colour of your natural hair, the desired length, volume and how much maintenance your willing to put in will contribute to your decision whether your a Synthetic Hair Extension girly or a Human Hair Extension girly. You came to the right place to start your hair goals journey babe' and thanks to our Trust Pilot to back us up we've got all the recommended styles you absolutely need this SZN. While I'm sure your own, natural hair is absolutely beautiful, we don't blame you for wanting to tweak, restyle and experiment with our best hair extensions, we're all due a hair upgrade at some point, right? Jordyn Woods who? Move over because there's a new girl in town... 

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(* = Applies to full-priced Synthetic Hair and Wigs only. Excludes new launch products)

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