The Lowdown On Our NEW Syntheti-Silk Fibre™, And Why You Need Them

The Lowdown On Our NEW Syntheti-Silk Fibre™, And Why You Need Them

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With the recent launch of our highly anticipated Brushed Out Waves collection in collaboration with Tasha Ghouri, we had the opportunity to also unveil and debut our brand NEW product material; Syntheti-Silk Fibre™.

But, what makes our new and improved fibre different from the rest, and why should you consider Syntheti-Silk when purchasing your hair extensions?

Read on as we give you the 411 on the sell-out hair fibre that everyone's talking about..

What is Syntheti-Silk Fibre?

Simply put, it's new, it's improved, and it's everything our hair dreams are made of (and more). You asked, we listened! Taking onboard customer feedback is extremely important to us as a brand, so if there's something not quite right, we want to know!

Therefore, with our customers in mind, our aim was to create a more lightweight fibre (which didn't compromise on hair thickness), whilst still maintaining the soft quality our customers know and love but with a silkier, real-feel finish. Did we achieve it? Absolutely. 

How does Syntheti-Silk Fibre™ compare to other Hair Extensions?

As the saying goes, 'buy cheap, buy twice' - and the exact same applies with Hair Extensions. With a vast array of synthetic pieces available in the online hair universe, with prices starting from £3 for a 'full head' (yep, we checked!) it can sometimes be daunting to know where to start.

Often when purchasing cheaper alternatives, the quality is heavily compromised to reflect the rushed manufacturing process and low price-tag, and you'll end up paying more (and more) for a product that will actually last. 

The Syntheti-Silk Fibre™ is completely exclusive to us, so you can rest assured that you won't find the premium quality in Synthetic Hair Extensions anywhere else. We've taken the time to perfect the luxurious texture and finish, whilst still in-keeping with our brand values of providing affordable hair for all, with prices ranging between £28-£32 depending on style.

Why you need LullaBellz Syntheti-Silk Fibre™ Hair Extensions

Featherlight - First and foremost, they're SO lightweight. We've improved the quality and density of our hair, meaning the extensions appear thicker with more volume and body, without the added bulk or weight. You can almost forget you're wearing them as they're super discreet!

Less shineSome Synthetic Hair Extensions on the market can have a lot of shine to the outer coating (especially on blonde shades), which is a sure tell-tale sign that you’re wearing clip-ins. Long gone are the days of wearing extensions that resemble barbie hair! Although most shine can be dulled down by using a Dry Shampoo on the wefts, our new Syntheti-Silk Fibre™ has minimal shine to ensure a seamless blend every time. 

Silky-soft texture - Deriving from it’s Syntheti-Silk Fibre™ product name, our new material feels incredibly soft to the touch, mimicking the texture of human hair as closely as possible. With the texture improving our colour quality too, shades appear much more vibrant in direct sunlight and reflect the multitude of highlights and lowlights beautifully.

Pre-styled Our Brushed Out Waves collection is pre-styled into the same wanded waves you'd expect to get styled at the salon, with subtle straight ends for the most natural finish. This style is incredibly bouncy, and full of body and volume - so you don't need to worry about perfecting the strands or tweaking them in any way!

Free-flowing movement - Hair moves, falls and flows freely just like your own natural hair would, helping to ensure a seamless blend and undetectable finish. This gives the Synthetic Hair Extensions an authentic and natural feel.


16'' 5 Piece Brushed Out Waves, £28
22'' 5 Piece Brushed Out Waves, £32
22" Midi Grande Brushed Out Waves Pony, £2

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