Synthetic vs Human Hair - What's the difference?

Synthetic vs Human Hair - What's the difference?

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Synthetic and human hair extensions have become increasingly popular over the last decade, especially thanks to social media platforms and Influencers taking over!

Both types of hair extensions offer a multitude of benefits, from affordability and freedom of styling, to longevity and ease of application - so it’s super important to know the differences before making a decision or purchase.

So, what are Synthetic Hair Extensions?
Synthetic hair extensions are made from a man-made mono fibre material which is chemically processed during manufacturing to achieve its style and unique colour. The style of the hair is usually made in such a way that the hair retains its shape and bounce, often referred to as ‘memory hair’ - meaning if you purchase a curly or wavy style, the hair will remember and maintain this original style even if they are repeatedly worn, brushed or washed.

Usually much more affordable than human hair extensions, Synthetic Hair has a shorter lifespan (but don’t let this put you off). With the correct maintenance and aftercare, synthetic hair extensions can actually last quite a long time and look good as new, as long as they are properly looked after and stored appropriately when you aren’t wearing them.

Synthetic hair extensions and their quality have improved vastly in the last decade, with new fibres developed, trend-led colours and blends being designed, and styles/finishes created that rival even a pro stylist salon result - making your overall look appear totally realistic.

Although they cannot be dyed or toned like your natural hair can, colour choices are ever-improving and there are constantly new hues and balayage blends on the market, making it all the more easier to achieve your perfect shade.

Whilst synthetic hair extensions may need replenishing more often than Human Hair, their low price point makes them an ideal solution for girls wanting to achieve longer, thicker hair without the price tag or styling fuss.

What are Human Hair Extensions?
As the name says, these Hair Extensions derive from 100% natural Human Hair. The majority of human hair used in wigs and hair extensions comes from India and China. Religious people make pilgrimages to temples in these countries where they shave their heads in a devotion ritual. The hair is then collected, chemically processed and dyed, however the hair will usually be manufactured in such a way that ensures that they arrive to the customer in a straight style.

Human hair extensions are available in a variety of different application methods. Clip-ins, glued, weaved, nano bonds, mini tape wefts.. the list is endless. Whilst we're not (completely) biased, the beauty of Clip-in Hair Extensions is that they're commitment-free! You can easily switch up your look in a matter of seconds and then remove the extensions at the end of the night - causing zero damage to your natural hair, ready to wear again the next day.

Whilst human hair extensions can be treat like your natural hair in regards to dying, toning and heat styling them - we recommend to keep this to a minimum where possible to improve the texture and longevity of the hair.

Human hair extensions can be much more expensive depending on the quality, method of application, thickness and length of hair you’re looking to buy - but they are a lifelong investment due to their enhanced quality and longevity! So, if you’re looking for something a little more premium with long-lasting results - Human Hair is your go-to!

So, what's better? 
The million dollar question! Everyone will have their own opinions and preferences depending on how long they have personally worn Hair Extensions, and their own experiences with them. Some will tell you to only invest in human hair extensions due to their longer lifespan and versatility when styling, however synthetic hair extensions can be and are a super affordable and ideal alternative for occasional or weekend wear.

LullaBellz synthetic hair extensions are made from a premium fibre which blends seamlessly in with your natural hair, and flows with it too. Our wide shade range of over 30 natural and highlighted hues ensures an ultra realistic colour blend and zero tell-tale signs. With a vast array of styles, textures and application constructions, we have a hairpiece for every LullaBabe (even beginners!)

The beauty of synthetic hair extensions is that most are pre-styled for your convenience, so you don't need to individually curl/wave/crimp each weft before applying them (like you would with Human Hair). Our instant transformational hairpieces take no longer than 5 minutes to apply and blend from start-finish.. so you can spend more time on your glam!


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