Hair Extension Myths - Debunked

Hair Extension Myths - Debunked

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If you’re brand new to the wonderful world of hair extensions, you may have a few reservations or doubts, especially when there is so much conflicting information and hair horror stories online.

"Will Hair Extensions damage my hair?"
"What will they cost?"
"Will people be able to see them?"

We’re here to quash the rumours and debunk those myths..

“Synthetic hair extensions look too fake/shiny” False.

With a vast array of Synthetic Hair readily available on the market, in a plethora of different textures, lengths, thicknesses and price ranges - it can be tricky to differentiate between the quality from one brand to another.

We’ve all been there, buying our first clip-on ponytail as a teenager to show off to our besties at the weekend (in a shade that totally didn’t match, and resembled Barbie hair, but we thought it still looked SO good). Times have changed, hair extension products have developed tremendously, and it’s safe to say we won’t be posting that ponytail pic for #ThrowbackThursday anytime soon..

Our LullaBellz Synthetic Hair Extensions derive from a Premium Mono-fibre material, which allows the hair to always retain it’s natural style, shape and bounce regardless of how many times they are worn.

Shiny hair? No way! We pride ourselves on our hair extension products being thoroughly trialled and tested before production, and designed in a premium quality without the excess shine you may find in other cheaper alternative brands. This allows the hairpieces to blend in seamlessly with the texture of your natural hair (no awkward tell-tale signs here!)
“Synthetic hair can’t be curled” - False.

Contrary to popular belief, synthetic hair extensions can be curled (and it’s super easy once you know how to!)

Unlike human hair extensions, synthetic hair needs to be set into place if you wish to tweak and maintain the style of them. We’ve curated the perfect technique to completely re-style your straight synthetic hair extensions without the fuss in minutes.

By using ceramic heated rollers, you can easily change the style of your synthetic hair extensions in around 30 mins (or more, depending on how defined/tight you want the curls to be). 

Simply separate and section around 1 inch pieces of your synthetic hair extensions, and starting at the bottom, wrap the hair around the heated roller and secure in place with a roller clip or pin. Allow the hairpiece to fully cool with the rollers still intact (this is perfect to do whilst finishing your make-up!) and gently remove each individual roller to reveal a soft, bouncy curl! Add a little styling or hairspray to ensure that the style lasts.
“Extensions ruin your natural hair / Extensions make your hair fall out” - False.

Providing that your natural hair is well maintained and looked after, and your hair extensions are not excessively worn without a break, they will in no way damage or affect the condition or growth of your natural hair.

Like our skin and nails, hair needs time to breathe and so it’s always a good idea to take a break from wearing hair extensions if you’re an avid lover of clip-ins or ponytail pieces. 

Tension on the scalp can lead to hair loss and ultimately bald patches, a result of hair extensions overuse. Ensuring that your extensions are removed at the end of each day/night with proper care (and not wearing them to sleep in) will not only benefit your natural hair and aid in hair health, but it’ll also increase the longevity of your hair extensions, too.

“Hair extensions are so expensive!” - False.

New research conducted has found that the average woman spends in excess of £40,000 during her lifetime on her hair. What?! Whilst that may sound very excessive, we’re here to ditch the myth that hair extensions are overpriced and unobtainable. 

Never compromising on quality, our hair range consists of products that are super affordable and accessible for all. Our Premium Synthetic range of Clip-in Hair Extensions, Ponytails, and Braids start from £16, with a maximum price of £69 for our wig products. A far fetch from £40K!

If you’re something a little more long-lasting and luxe, then our Luxury Gold Human Hair Extensions are the one for you. Prices range from £150-£250 depending on thickness and length, a lifetime investment if you ask us!
“Hair extensions won’t blend in my hair” False.

Whether your natural hair is short with a blunt cut, or super fine, you may think that Hair Extensions are an absolute no-go as they would never blend in with your hair type. We're here to quash the rumour, as Clip-In Hair Extensions are universally suitable for any hair type, regardless of thickness or length!

If you're blessed with thicker hair but it features a blunt, straight cut - Our Super Thick 5 Piece Clip In Hair Extensions are the ideal product for you. These sets are around 250g in weight (dependent on style), so are the ideal solution for Hair Extensions to ensure that the thickness of the clip-ins meets that of your natural hair.

One of the most common queries we receive from customers is that they're worried that the top and underneath sections of their natural hair will stick out when wearing Hair Extensions - which is a sure tell-tale sign! As Hair Experts in our field, we've found the ideal solution for hiding those pesky hairs, so no-one will ever be able to tell that you're wearing clip-ins!

For the underneath section of your hair, simply take a few hair grips or bobby pins, and pin back the shorter hairs to the nape of your neck at the back. Then, place one of the 5 Piece Wefts just above this section of hair to completely conceal it.

For your natural hair which sits on top of the Hair Extensions, ensure that this section isn't too thick (as then it can become tricky to work with). You want this section to mimic the style of the Clip-In Hair Extensions you're wearing, and so if you opt for Curly, you would curl your natural hair on top. For Wavy, we'd use a crimping hair waver to re-create the style. Finally, if Straight hair is your thing, straightening your hair and your Hair Extensions together simultaneously (with heat not exceeding 180°C) will ensure an undetectable transition and seamless blend. Ta-Da!


We'd like to think we've quashed the most common myths when it comes to Hair Extensions, however, if you have any further queries - our Hair Experts are on hand to help! Pop an email across to and our friendly Customer Care Team will be more than happy to assist.

Psst.. want a discount whilst upgrading your hair? Use code BLOG10 at checkout for 10% OFF* Synthetic Hair & Wigs!

(* = Applies to full-priced Synthetic Hair and Wigs only. Excludes new launches)

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