Hair Extension Trends 2024: What's In and What's Out

Hair Extension Trends 2024: What's In and What's Out

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Synthetic and Natural Hair Trends

Secrets, top tips and hacks. We're going to be visiting the ultimate Hair Extension Trends of 2024, from IG inspo to trend-led looks, from catwalks to sidewalks, we've got hair trends for all hair types this SZN. Whether you are looking for a quick transformation, vibrant hues or just want to add length, we're looking at hair trends without an expiry date so you can look glam AF all year round.



Step into the world of diamonds, pearls and hair goals to join our Mob Wives in a Clip-In Extensions hair revolution that's going to take you from 0-100 real quick. Channel timeless elegance and fierce confidence by adding volume to enhance choppy layers, bounce and texture to your natural hair, this can be achieved with our Super Thick 16" 5 Piece Blow Dry Wavy for that seamless blend between the hair extensions creating a more subtle soft glam look, enhancing your natural hair textures. For a more outgoing statement vibe, think big, oversized clip-in curls, the bigger the better, voluminous hairstyling is key to achieving this look, embrace the bold with our Super Thick 22" 5 Piece Curly from our curly hair extensions range for flowing locks that elevate your natural beauty but with a diva attitude to take a stamp on these new hair trends.

If there's one staple to add to this style (you know what I'm going to say) the 'Pierre de resistance', the Hair Band. Yes, you guessed right, a trend on trend is what we love to see! The Hair Band is a forever off-duty staple, a seamless means of transition from cool girl to ladylike. Exactly what our Mob Wife, Boss Babe aesthetic is all about. Not a hair band girly? You're sure to be into Hair Bows, section your curly blow with a cute satin bow and slick & fix the flyaways back, it's giving.. cute Mob Wife. Since taking over our TikTok FYP, go channel your Michelle Pfeiffer- Married to the Mob era with our range of Synthetic Clip-In Extensions (runs to checkout)...



If there's one staple hairstyle we're constantly going back to time and time again - it's the Rachel Green effect (hello nostalgic 90's). Arriving on the hair scene from way back when- our girl brought us natural, feathered, layered styles that broke the internet and influenced new trends around the world. From straight hair and natural shades to then experiment with volume, texture, versatility and colour, Rachel Green lives on through hair trends in 2024. Face framing and feathered layers can work on various hair types, lengths and silhouettes, but the real show-stopper comes from hair extensions. For a fuller, thicker appearance you can chop into our Luxury Gold Human Hair Extensions for a more permanent hue, creating a sleek, bouncy, natural texture that keeps the length without feeling limp and adds dimension to the forefront of your hair without swamping your features.

For a more temporary solution if your prone to switching trends quite quickly, you can explore our Face Framing Boosters which are incredibly lightweight, but still maintain so much volume and thickness from weft to tip. The beauty of our best-selling Premium Synthetic Fibres is that they appear much thicker than Human Hair alternatives if you are looking for temporary hair (and are much more friendly on your bank balance, too). Our top Hair Hack is that you can cut into these from the comfort of your own home (watch the scissors girl) to recreate a Rachel-esque hairstyle effortlessly created by you.



Block colours are SO last year, babe... Soft tones and balayage blends are on the 2024 Hair Extension Trends radar this coming year- and luckily we've got all the sun-kissed hair extension shades to elevate your locks with the perfect match. Stay ahead in this ever-evolving world by keeping up to date with what works with your natural textures and how to prevent potential damage whether that be from dye, bleach, heat or product. A sun-kissed balayage is super easy to maintain, kinder to hair than a full head of bleach, and no unsightly roots arriving on the scene a few weeks later. Whether high-contrast hues are your thing, or if you prefer softer, seamless blends with baby lights - for hair that looks like it's been naturally lightened in the sun - you're guaranteed to be reigning superior hair goals without the time-consuming upkeep.

Hair health is trending on our FYP this SZN with hair oils, scalp brushes, vitamins and more. This is a perfect way to achieve a new you, new hue Balayage Blends and express hair fashion for the ultimate hair goals. For the girlies who want to achieve natural hair and steer away from bleach damage, adding highlighted hair extensions to your natural hair creates the illusion of a salon-worthy look without the price tag and without the colour damage.



Say goodbye to the Halo Extensions. Micro Link extensions, what are those? Fusion Extensions are so past the expiry date. Take those Tape-Ins out girl' because we're all about the Soft Curve Bob this spring. As we previously spoke about Hair Health being the new 'Clean Girl Aesthetic Trend', it's only right that we take a break from all of this Hair Extension Technology (It's way too advanced) and cater to our natural hair type. Our hair-dar trends are screaming for fuller, thicker, blunt, minimal length to enhance natural styles and stay ahead of new hair trends with the curve of all curves. We're not talking about the Lord Farquaad bobs (lets not get confused) but more Hailey Bieber in her Long Curve Bob era', it's giving... IT girl vibes.

Dominating our social feeds this style isn't one to be missed, although having a break from permanent extensions is all well and said, until you can't hide the finer strands of hair after removing the Hagrid amounts of hair wefts, looking for a solution shouldn't be a stretch as we have just the thing. Enhance your short hair era with our Super Thick 16" 5 Piece Curve all while keeping length but adding thickness, volume and emphasising the curved flick. The Hair Extensions continues but the damage is none nonexistent due to temporary clip-ins that save the day, once again! The perfect style and the perfect solution for 'in-between cuts' or 'I'm growing out my hair' subtle vibes.


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