Hair Fix 101 - How To Add Volume To Fine Hair

Hair Fix 101 - How To Add Volume To Fine Hair

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One of the biggest hair dilemmas to combat is having finer hair which struggles with volume. If your hair sounds like this, you may be familiar with the difficulty of getting it to look voluminous and full on a daily basis. Fortunately, hair extensions are an easy and effective way to add body to your locks to achieve temporary fullness. 

Today, we'll be exploring the best tips for mastering volume with our Hair Extensions for finer hair types, and delving into our industry secrets on how to inject thickness into your locks using our top hair hacks. From selecting the correct Hair Extensions to appropriate application and maintenance, you'll be able to achieve luscious locks in no time at all.


Fine hair can be a challenge to style, as it often lacks volume and can look limp or lifeless. This type of hair is characterised by its thin texture, which means that it has fewer strands per square inch than thicker hair types. Because of this, it can be difficult to achieve the desired volume and thickness when styling. But, that's where hair extensions come in!

Hair Extensions can be an ideal way to add volume and length to fine hair. Available in a variety of lengths, textures, and colours, so you can find the perfect match for your hair without the fuss. Whether you want to add just a little bit of volume or a lot, hair extensions can help you achieve the look you want.

Before you decide to use Hair Extensions for volume, it's important to establish your hair type and the challenges that come with it. Fine hair can be fragile and prone to breakage, so you need to be gentle when applying the Hair Extensions and styling your new lengthened hair. Avoid using heavy products or excessive heat, as this can damage the hair and make it even harder to style.


One of the main benefits of using our 1 Piece Hair Extensions for volume is that they are versatile and incredibly easy to use. Clip-in Hair Extensions are an especially popular choice, as they allow you to create a variety of looks without having to commit to a permanent method. In addition to being convenient, our 1 Piece Clip-in Hair Extensions can also help you achieve a more natural-looking result than other volume-boosting products. Unlike volumising shampoos and styling products - which can weigh down fine hair - our clip-in Hair Extension options add volume without compromising the health and appearance of your natural locks.

Our products for adding volume to finer hair lengths really are endless! Stocking a wide range of textures and lengths to suit all, make LullaBellz your go-to in achieving those voluminous hair dreams without the fuss.


If your hair is on the shorter side and you’re looking to add thickness over length, then opt for our Thick 14” 1 Piece Textured Wave or Thick 14” 1 Piece Blow Dry Wavy styles. These hairpieces are pre-styled to perfection, allowing you to simply clip in the weft and go. Being our shortest hairpieces yet, the fibres are incredibly featherlight - meaning the extensions remain comfortable all day long, without pulling or tugging on your scalp.


For hair lengths a little bit longer, our Thick 16” 1 Piece Curly or Thick 18” 1 Piece Straight hairpieces are an ideal solution. Our curly hair extensions are pre-styled with bouncy, volume-enhancing curls, which can be clipped in and left alone, or lightly brushed out with our Vent Brush to style them into voluminous, Hollywood waves. To ensure fullness and a realistic finish on these pieces, our Straight style is slightly flicky towards the ends - allowing the hair extensions to blend into the natural movement of your own hair without looking too false.


For hair with XXL length, you’ll need our Thick 24” 1 Piece Straight or Thick 20” 1 Piece Curly. These styles provide not only ALL the length, but enviable thickness, too. Pre-styled in the same way as our shorter 16” and 18” 1 Pieces, featuring soft cascading curls or flicky straight lengths.


The beauty of our 1 Piece Hair Extensions is that they are incredibly easy to apply. So whether you’re brand new to the world of Hair Extensions and don’t know where to start, or you’ve been wearing Clip-ins for years, the application and upkeep of our 1 Piece Wefts makes them the ultimate solution for achieving thick hair without the drama.

Specially curated for girls on the go with finer hair, we’ve designed our 1 Piece Hair Extensions to allow you to transform your hair without the unnecessary bulk or weight. These pieces weigh approx 180g (depending on length/style) and feature gentle silicone-grip clips along the top of the weft. We’ve constructed the clips in such a way so that they are evenly spaced across the weft, meaning the hairpiece will remain comfortable, secure and in place from application to removal. Because no-one really wants a headache from wearing clip-ins..

1. Determine Where to Place the Extensions:

To add volume to fine hair, the extensions must be placed strategically to blend in with your natural hair. Clip-in Extensions can be applied around the crown area to provide maximum volume.

2. Tease the Hair:

Before attaching the extensions, tease the hair around the area where you will be attaching the clips using our Backcombing Brush. Teasing your hair will create a stronger base for the clips, ensuring that they don't slip out easily.

3. Clip the Extensions in:

To blend hair extensions seamlessly, clip the extensions close to the scalp. Clip the wefts at an angle instead of horizontally to avoid creating a noticeable line where the extensions begin.

4. Style Your Hair:

Once the extensions are clipped in, tweak your natural hair to mimic the style of the hair extensions and using a volumising spray or mousse to set. This will give your hair extra lift and hold, ensuring that the extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair.


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