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For over a decade (wow! It feels surreal typing that out), we've been a leading brand in the Hair Extension industry, throughout the UK and beyond. With our commitment to quality and innovation, we've revolutionised the way girls across the globe style their hair on a daily basis using instant Clip-in and Ponytail pieces. Today, we'll be taking a step back in time and taking you on a journey on the evolution of LullaBellz, and how we've become a highly renowned and trusted name in the beauty world.

As we celebrate 11 years of success, we have super exciting plans in the pipeline for the future. Our team are always ahead of the rest by researching and developing new products, to bring our customers quality yet affordable items to solve pretty much any hair dilemma. With plans to expand our reach globally, we're bringing the much-loved range of LullaBellz Hair Extensions to every corner of the world.

Lets take a stroll down memory lane and highlight some of the memorable key moments in the LullaBellz brand..


If you're an OG LullaBellz girl from day dot (we see you!), then you'll vividly remember our iconic fuchsia pink packaging and damask mailing bags. Although they were signature to us at the time (and we LOVED them), we evolved our brand into a more mature aesthetic, and ditched the hot pink for more understated blush and raspberry tones that you'll find across our core products, new launches and online branding today.

Fun fact: LullaBellz was founded by ultimate boss babe and First Class Business Grad Laura Smith whilst she was studying in her final year at University. For a short while as the business was just finding its feet, Laura single-handedly managed every aspect of the company from her Uni Accommodation (from Customer Service, to Web Design and Dispatch to managing our Social channels) - a true powerhouse and definition of a hustler if you ask us!


Summer 2021 saw the launch of our highly anticipated Click & Twist Hair Tools, an innovative multi-styler with interchangeable attachments, allowing our customers to create a plethora of different hair looks in minutes (and perfect for on-the-go). The unique design was a real hit with our LullaBabes, and led to one of the most successful product launches yet!

Featuring must-have styling tools such as the OG Waver, IT Curl Wand and Statement Straightener (to name but a few) the Click & Twist range was and still is highly regarded amongst influencers, stylists and industry professionals as their go-to hair hero.


The braid that broke the internet. If you didn't get your hands on one, are you really a LullaBellz girl?! July 2020 saw us launch the infamous Extra AF 34" Braid, however customer feedback shown that although you girls were obsessed with the style and texture, you'd love to see the Braid in a more wearable, shorter length - perfect for day-to-day styling.

You asked, we listened! Fronted exclusively by our fave YouTuber and podcast duo, Sophia & Cinzia, we shot the Grande 26" Braid campaign in the heart of London before its anticipated launch on our website shortly thereafter. Available in over 30 shades and super easy to incorporate into natural hair of any length, the 26" Braid is still one of our absolute favourite launches to this day!


Baby sister company incoming. Beauty Glow launched with a bang during the pandemic and made it's presence well-known across a plethora of Social channels, bringing a whole new meaning to 'get the glow'. Launching with our core Adhesive Hollywood Mirror Bulbs to take your selfie game to brand new ambient lighting levels, before branching out into innovative 2-in-1 tanning and skincare products - packed with rich antioxidants and hydrating ingredients, to nourish and radiate any complexion from within.

Beauty Glow Tanning Water and Tanning Drops are still to this day one of our must-have handbag essentials for those weekends away, and maintaining a glow on the go!


As multi-award winners of the Hair Awards 2022 + 2023, and shortlisted in the ASOS Beauty Awards 2022 - we're proud as punch to be certified by some of the most leading names in the hair industry. Certified for our premium quality, product expertise and easy-to-apply collection of hairpieces. LullaBellz has been meticulously trialled and tested by a panel of industry professionals, making us the go-to hair brand for professional stylists, editors & salons. Our hair really takes the final crown!


We're keeping the best til last, obviously. Our most recent launch stemmed with an idea of seamless root blends and undetectable finishes. We waved goodbye to harsh colour contrasts, and said hello to salon blends that rivalled professional results.

Our Rooted Balayage Blends Colour Shade Collection launched in Summer 2023 (and is one of our best-selling launches, you girls love them!) - making our hairpieces accessible to all. Choose from Rooted Light Blonde, Rooted California Blonde or Rooted Mellow Brown to guarantee the utmost dreamy blend from root to ends. But, the question on everyones mind - will there be more colours launching soon? That's a secret, for now..

In conclusion, we've come a long way in the past 11 years (Happy Birthday to us!). With our commitment to quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service, we've evolved into a trusted name in the Hair Extension industry. Whether you're looking to add length, volume, or a touch of glam to your hair, we have the perfect solution for you!


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(* = Applies to full-priced Synthetic Hair and Wigs only. Excludes new launch products)

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