Holiday Hair Hacks: How To Keep Your Locks Healthy This Summer

Holiday Hair Hacks: How To Keep Your Locks Healthy This Summer

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It's 1st June which means only one thing: Summer has officially arrived (and we're totally here for it). With the warmer Season comes any excuse to jet off abroad; whether it's a weekend vacay to sight-see in Barcelona, hitting the full party scene for a week in Ibiza, or going all out and further afield with 10 days in dreamy Dubai.

Holidays are also the perfect opportunity to debut a brand new hairstyle, or experiment with looks you wouldn't usually opt for at home (blame the good old British weather for that one..)

Although jetting off abroad is also our favourite excuse for coming home with a bronzed lustrous glow to our complexion, it's also super important to look after your hair whilst you're over there, too. Because let's face it - colour fade and frazzled ends are never a good look. 

Different environments and climates can leave your hair frizzy and even irreversibly damaged if not looked after properly.  However, not all is lost. We're here with our beauty fix bible to tell you everything about those holiday hair repairs.. read on to find out more!


Chlorine. Ah, the main culprit about to go down with a life sentence for turning our hair an abnormal shade of green after a dip in the pool.

Not only can Chlorine strip your hair of it's natural oils - resulting in locks becoming dry, weak and brittle - it can also make hair incredibly porous (this is the state in which hair is more likely to become victim to that swamp green tint).

But, don't fret! There is a hair hack and a way of avoiding this holiday nightmare.

By simply rinsing and saturating your natural hair in water before and after stepping into the pool - you can combat any inevitable Chlorine damage. By doing so, hair is less likely to absorb the Chlorine and you'll be flying home with fresher than fresh locks, with your colour still fully intact.


When travelling abroad on holiday, one of the most important things to also consider is the type of water you will be washing your hair in. Location dependant, soft water and hard water can all have different effects on your hair.

Now, you may be thinking.. isn't all water the same? What's this soft water you're talking about? 

There's actually a real difference, and taking the necessary precautions can help keep your hair healthy and smooth while also preventing frazzled, damaged locks when you return home.

Soft water tends to have positive benefits on your hair, so don't fret too much about this. Soft water actually changes the texture of hair; making it feel soft, silky and shiny. It can also be a purse-friendly advocate, as it'll save you money in the long run by making your Shampoo and Conditioner duo create a richer and thicker lather. In turn, this makes it easier to cleanse your hair follicles while washing, so you can use less product in your haircare routine. Win win.

Hard water on the other hand is where the hair damage can really come into play. Common effects of hard water on hair include dryness, hair loss, breakage, frizziness, fading colour, flat appearance, or a dry and flaky scalp. If you're combatting any of these hair dilemma's whilst on holiday (and don't usually have issues when washing hair at home) - it may indicate that the area you're staying in has hard water.

The best way to combat hard water hair damage is to use a Clarifying Shampoo and Revive & Thrive Hair Mask, use these two holiday hair heroes in conjunction to completely eliminate damage. Firstly the Shampoo to completely cleanse the hair and scalp, and then the Hair Mask to add back a boost of nourishment lost by the aforementioned damage.


Click & Twist Collection - we love you, but forgive us for this one! 

Overexposure to heat can of course compromise hair quality. And so if you're already soaking up a dose of daily Vitamin D and UV rays from the Sun, it's best to skip the hair tools unless completely necessary.

UV ray exposure can trigger the loss of hair protein, as well as degradation of hair pigment. Once your hair absorbs the UV radiation, it causes a breakdown which adversely impacts the hair cuticle and keratin. So for now, we'll be putting the hair tools down to avoid any overexposure when combined with the heat whilst on hol.. 

However, with our Premium Synthetic Hair Extensions - each set is pre-styled and ready to wear, so all you really have to do is clip-in and go (and you can skip the potential heat damage from tools!)

At LullaBellz, we offer a vast array of styles including Straight, Curly, Wavy, Blow Dry, Textured Waves AND more.. there's a look for every single holiday occasion. 


Did you know? Salt water is well-known for its exfoliating properties, and can actually stimulate blood flow to the scalp, ultimately allowing more nutrients to reach the follicles to encourage hair growth (it's no wonder Ariel's hair is so long and full of life..) 

So, whilst a dip in the sea isn't all that bad for your natural hair - to encapsulate beach-bound lengths without the heat damage, always allow your hair to air dry naturally on holiday.

Not only will you be aiding in the journey of overall hair health, you'll also encapsulate those dreamy textured hair waves we all envision - without the tedious styling regime or heat tools! (The thought of also drying our hair alongside holiday humidity is a step we'd rather skip..)

If your hair lacks length, or simply refuses to co-operate with those salt water waves, you can of course fake it ’til you make it (shh, we won’t tell..)

Pop our Super Thick 26” 5 Piece Waist Length Waves into your suitcase to channel mermaid waves with enviable ocean texture, without even having to step into the water!


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