How To Achieve The Salon Blowdry At Home With Hair Extensions

How To Achieve The Salon Blowdry At Home With Hair Extensions

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Getting a salon blow dry is something that many of us dream of, from the luxurious experience to the relaxing scalp massage and bouncy finish you walk out with - but the price tag can sometimes be off-putting.

With prices ranging from £40 up to an eye watering £320 for a bespoke experience in London (say what?), and often struggling to recreate the same results at home, we think we’ll pass!

However, with LullaBellz Clip-In Hair Extensions, you can achieve an (even better) and long-lasting salon finish to rival the pro stylists without the hefty price tag.

First things first, you don’t need to be a pro hairdresser to get salon-worthy results at home. With the correct application techniques and products, even beginners can get an instant salon finish with Clip-In Hair Extensions.

We’ve curated the must-have guide to provide you with all the tips on how to achieve a perfect blow dry with Clip-In Hair Extensions so that you can achieve that supermodel backstage look without breaking the bank.

When it comes to Hair Extensions, we’d like to think that we have every style you could possibly ever want, covered. Whether it’s sleek straight locks, defined curls or textured waves - we’re super proud of the vast array of instant Clip-In styles we stock to totally transform your look.

Short But Sweet Lengths
When it comes to Hair Extensions, your first thought may be that they’re only available in lengths suitable for Rapunzel.

Our LullaBellz 14’’ Blow Dry 1 Piece Clip-ins and 16’’ Blow Dry 5 Piece Clip-ins are the go-to product for achieving the perfect salon blow dry finish at home. If your hair is already on the shorter side, these pieces will add just enough length and bounce to lightly enhance your locks, without looking OTT.

Pre-styled so you don’t need any heat tools and minimal styling required, ideal for day-to-day wear. These pieces provide just enough length to attain that subtle blow dry vibe that still looks like you’ve stepped freshly out of the salon. So, if you're looking for an easy-wear product to enhance volume and length without going too long or extreme, then these mini length hair extensions are the perfect choice! 

Midi Lengths
If longer locks are your thing, then you’ll need our 22’’ Blow Dry 5 Piece Clip-ins. This style has been meticulously designed to replicate the classic salon blow dry with cascading, loose waves that move and flow with your own hair - guaranteeing a seamless look every time.

Consisting of 5 individual wefts with a varying amount of clips pre-sewn along the top, so you can clip-in and go!

As this set is super thick and full of volume, they are completely versatile and customisable, too. So you can switch up your desired thickness or look by adding just a few wefts for subtle definition, or the complete 5 piece set for all out volumised glam!

Blow Dry Power Pony
Who said blow dry's were strictly reserved for wearing our hair down?! Not here girl. We’re styling up our inches and adding extra height with our Grande 26’’ Blow Dry Pony.

Constructed with a velcro wraparound finish and grips for the most secure and comfortable fit, this LullaBabe fave is the quickest way to totally conceal your natural hair and upgrade any lifeless pony into a voluminous, bouncy texture.

Available in 32 multi-tonal and universal shades, the Grande 26'' Blow Dry Pony is the ideal solution for enhancing your natural hair to brand new heightened lengths.

Give Your Hair Some Oomph!
Finally, the key to a salon-worthy blow dry finish is definitely the voluminous lift. Often achieved by using a root lift spray and blowdryer blasted on the root section with a ceramic round brush to add height and bounce.

To keep tresses in the best condition, we’re skipping the heat and instead investing in our best-selling Backcombing Brush. By taking the top sections of your natural hair, gently tease the root section to add some subtle lift and volume. Let down the section of hair and lightly smooth over the top to rid of any unsightly bumps. Heightened hair? Check.

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