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It’s the Spring of 2022 and you’re scrolling your Social feeds. It’s the usual combination of fashion-forward trends, viral beauty tips and hair hacks — until your eyes land upon a brand new product ready to take over the hair universe imminently. LullaBellz have just launched their 26” Grande Braid in collaboration with Sophia & Cinzia — a world-first synthetic design for the brand — and you simply can’t wait to get your hands on it.

Fast forward one year and 5 months, and the 26” Braid is still firmly at the top of our ‘Hair Heroes’ list, with the product flying off of our warehouse shelves as quickly as it's restocked (you girls sold us out again and again!)

Why is it so popular, you ask?

Because the style is incredibly easy to apply, and is a sure fire way to create high impact glam when applied into hair of any length or thickness. Sleek from root to tip, and designed with our signature Premium Synthetic fibres  it's the ultimate versatile piece, so whether you're channelling athleisure gym vibes or simply elevating your weekend 'fit, the 26" Braid should always be your go-to choice.

Ready to get the 411 on all things LullaBellz 26" Braid and our top expert tips on how to nail the application for a seamless blend? Keep on reading.. 


Step 1.

Begin by styling your natural hair into a sleek ponytail. Whether that be a low pony, midi pony or high ponytail — as this will be the building block for your Braid. Top tip: if you want your braid to appear longer in length, opt for a low ponytail so that the Braid sits lower once applied.

This is the starting step where you’ll ultimately decide how you want your natural hair to sit. So, if you naturally have a side sweeping or full fringe, you’ll want to section and style this as normal.

Step 2. 

Ensure your baby hairs or flyaways are firmly secured and fixed into place with our Slick Back Down Baby Hair Styler and Slick & Fix Styling Glue products. Keep these products to one side as we'll use them to perfect the style once finished!

Step 3.

Taking your LullaBellz 26” Grande Braid out of the packaging, start by attaching the bobble base around your ponytail and wrapping it around the existing pony you've created until it feels comfortable and secure.

Step 4.

Taking the wraparound section of the Braid, separate this from the rest of the hairpiece by pinning it towards the front of your hair and secure in place with a Setting Clip. This will make the process of application and styling a lot easier!

Step 5.

Split your natural hair into 3 equal sections, and use a portion of the braid for each section to incorporate the hairpiece into your own.

Step 6.

Once you reach the section of hair which has clear elastics towards the mid-lengths, you can gently snip these out of the hair and continue braiding until you reach the end.

Step 7.

Secure your newly lengthened Braid with the enclosed elastics which can be found included in the packaging of your hairpiece.

Step 8.

Take the shorter wraparound piece of Synthetic hair from earlier and gently comb through this with our Backcombing Brush to ensure that it's completely smooth. Begin wrapping this piece around the base of your braid, ensuring to pull it tight as you go for the most secure fit. Hold in place with the enclosed hair grips.

Step 9.

Perfect your new Braid by using our Slick And Fix Styling Glue on your fingertips and running this gently over the top and around the wraparound section of the hairpiece.

Step 10.

If your hair tends to have layers or flyaways, grab your Sleek, Style & Set Mousse and add a little of the product into the palm of your hand. Apply this liberally throughout the braid, applying a gentle pressure to the hairpiece as you go to ensure the Mousse is fully absorbed and flyaways are styled and concealed.


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