How To Blend Hair Extensions Into Fine, Thick Or Short Hair

How To Blend Hair Extensions Into Fine, Thick Or Short Hair

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One of the most common queries we receive from customers is how to blend hair extensions into their natural hair with a seamless finish. Achieving a smooth and consistent blend between your hair and hair extensions is super important to ensure a realistic style.

We've all seen hair horror stories online, and in previous years hair extensions have received a somewhat bad reputation for flawed application or bad blending, which is a sure tell-tale sign that someone is wearing clip-ins. We're here to quash the rumour that hair extensions are only suitable for hair of a particular length or thickness, which is entirely untrue! With the correct clip-ins suited for your hair type, and with the right application techniques catered for the exact hair style you have - hair extensions really can be suitable for all.

What's your hair type?

Whether you're brand new to the world of hair extensions or unsure on where to start to achieve that virtually undetectable finish, we're here to help! Identifying your hair type is super important so you know which type of hair extensions to look for.

If your hair is on the shorter side, or thick with a blunt cut, you may automatically assume that hair extensions are an absolute no-go as they would be too difficult to blend. Or, maybe your hair is on the finer side and you've seen far too many hair horrors with visible wefts, tracks or clips showing that you've been slightly put off exploring the idea of hair extensions in more depth.

No matter your natural hair type, length or thickness - there are various readily available options on the market without having to compromise on or adjust your natural hair too dramatically. Read on as we solve the hair dilemma of blending hair extensions..

Short And Sweet, Thicc Hair

Whether you've just gone for 'the chop' and have that instant regret as you walk out of the salon, or your hair simply struggles to grow past a certain length - you may be adding hair extensions to your next payday wish list. 

One of the biggest tell-tale signs of someone wearing hair extensions is the 'step' where the natural hair ends and hair extensions begin, being clearly visible. This is often due to the natural hair being thick or bluntly cut at the ends.. but don't grab the thinning scissors just yet!

One of the best ways to combat this, is to purchase hair extensions which match the thickness and style to compliment and mimic what your natural hair already has. For example, if your hair is naturally textured with waves or has a slight curl to the ends - you wouldn't purchase poker straight hair extensions, as the dramatic style difference would be a sure tell-tale sign you're wearing faux clip-ins.

The same goes for thickness, too! If you're blessed with naturally super thick hair, you'd be looking for hair extensions which are of the same thickness from root to tip - if not thicker - than your own hair to ensure a seamless blend. Wearing hair extensions that are thinner than your own hair would again indicate that you're wearing extensions, something you want to ultimately avoid!

Our Super Thick 5 Piece Hair Extensions are the perfect all-rounder for solving any short and thick hair dilemmas. Not only is the hair double-drawn, meaning it remains incredibly thick from root to tip, the extensions are also pre-styled for the ultimate convenience, allowing you to simply clip in the wefts and go! Available in lengths from short and sweet 16" all the way up to extra AF 34", we've got a style and length to suit all.


Hair So Fine

So we've covered super thick hair types (which can be the trickiest to combat when considering hair extensions), but what about finer hair?

If your hair already has length but struggles with volume, then a One Piece Hair Extension is the ideal solution to ensure a seamless blend when wearing clip-ins. Unlike the 5 Piece, the 1 Piece (as the name says) is one individual weft with multiple rows of hair already sewn together on it. This creates the volume and thickness required to blend in with your own hair, but without having to wear several wefts which can sometimes appear bulky or too thick on finer hair types.

Another trick for finer hair when blending hair extensions is to create the illusion of volume/thickness. By taking a Backcombing Brush, hair can be gently teased at the root section (above where you clip-in the hair extensions) to create some subtle volume. By doing this, your natural hair on top isn't laying completely flat against the weft. On finer hair types, the top sections of hair can appear 'gappy' which in turn will make the hair extensions underneath visible. 


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