How To Keep Your Wraparound Ponytail In All Night Long

How To Keep Your Wraparound Ponytail In All Night Long

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Here at LullaBellz, we love a good ponytail. Whether it's to add height and lift, volume and body, or simply enhancing those hair inches we don't already have.

Constructed with an inner comb and velcro wraparound design to secure in place, our range of Wraparound Ponytails are the perfect solution to transform hair in just a few minutes. With a wide selection of textures and lengths available, the hardest decision is which style you'll ultimately choose. But when it comes to application, how do you maintain your new heightened locks and ensure they stay put from desk to dance-floor?

Read on as we unveil our top tips on keeping that power pony firmly in place until midnight hour (and beyond)..


Not only a godsend for flyaway's and baby hairs, but our Slick & Fix Styling Glue doubles up as an amazing adhesive for your wraparound ponytail, too! Ditch the heavy hairsprays and styling gels which will lead to inevitable product build-up/residue, and swap for our best-selling Slick & Fix; totally transparent and lightweight with a non-flake formula which holds hair firmly in place.

Slick & Fix Styling Glue, £8

If you've ever purchased any of our Wraparound Ponytails; whether that be from the Mini Grande, Grande or Extra AF range - you'll have received some of the sturdiest hair grips ever invented within your order (if you know, you know).

Super strong, durable and constructed to blend in with the shade of your natural hair for an undetectable finish, our kirby grips are designed to hold the wraparound section of LullaBellz ponytails firmly in place without the drama.


When styling any of our wraparound ponytails into your natural hair, this should be done on hair which hasn't just been freshly washed. Day two (or three) hair is the ideal middle ground, this is when the texture of hair isn't overly soft or fluffy (fresh from blowdrying for example), and when some of the natural oils our hair produces will allow tresses to have more 'grip' when styling - sounds gross, but trust us on this one!

Although, if your hair has been freshly washed and you're wanting to channel a power pony - don't fret! Try adding some texturing spray or powder into your hair to give it some volume, which will make it a lot easier to work with and style.


Psst.. this is a stylist tip we learned from hair queen Alicia (@hairtohelp) at our exclusive 34'' Extra AF Ponytail Summer Masterclass, and now one we're never without!

When styling your natural hair back into a ponytail before applying the enhancing wraparound piece, use another bobble around 1 inch higher than the base bobble to create some lift and height to your ponytail. By doing so, hair is amplified with some lifted oomph rather than it laying flat. Higher hair = a more secure ponytail.

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