How To Protect Your Hair When Heat Styling

How To Protect Your Hair When Heat Styling

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In the world of attaining modern hairstyles, you can quickly turn to heat tools for achieving a plethora of trend-led looks. Heat styling is an ideal way to quickly and easily enhance your hairstyle, or transform it from poker straight into bouncy, voluminous curls and textured waves.

However, excessive exposure to heat styling can lead to irreversible hair damage - which can only be resolved by trimming the damaged strands out of your hair. Overusing heat tools such as Straighteners, Wavers and Curling Wands without the appropriate protection can break down the proteins in your hair - leading to dryness, split ends and ultimately weak hair with breakage. 

To keep your locks happy, healthy and protected from heat damage, it’s important to take the correct steps prior, during and after heat styling. Ready to transform your hairstyle without having to worry about damage? Read on to find out how..


Firstly, it's important to know what actually causes heat damage. Heat damage in hair is a common and often irreversible problem that occurs when you expose your hair to hot tools and heat styling. This type of damage affects the cuticles, which are the outermost layer of the hair shaft. Cuticles are made up of protein and when exposed to high temperatures, this protein breaks down, leading to weakened strands that become dry and brittle.

This can result in split ends, frizziness, discolouration and other signs of heat damage. Understanding why heat damage occurs and how to prevent it is key to keeping your hair happy, healthy and strong.

Hydrate Your Hair

Excessive heat styling can lead to dehydration of the hair, which in turn can cause heat damage and breakage. To protect your hair from these effects, it's important to hydrate your hair regularly and combine a rich conditioning mask or treatment into your haircare routine.

Revive & Thrive Hair Mask, £8 has been specifically formulated to inject moisture back into the hair - whether dry, damaged or prone to frizz. By using this mask just once or twice a week will dramatically improve the texture and overall health of your hair. By using just a small amount of the product into your regular haircare routine will help prevent heat damage and keep your hair feeling lustrous, shiny and full of life - ensuring your locks are kept looking glam while protecting them from the damaging effects of excessive heat styling.

Protect Your Strands 

Heat styling can be a perfect way to switch up your everyday look and get creative with your hair. But it can also cause damage if you don’t take the right precautions. Fortunately, there are ways to protect your strands while heat styling, such as using Heat Protection Spray. Hot Girl Spritz, £8 is designed to create an invisible barrier between your hair and the heat from styling tools like blow-dryers, Curling Wands, and Straighteners. It works by forming a protective layer on the surface of each strand of hair that prevents moisture loss and reduces the amount of damage caused by high temperatures. It also contains ingredients that nourish and condition the hair for added protection.

By taking these simple steps to protect your strands with Heat Protection Spray, you can enjoy all the benefits of heat styling without worrying about damaging your hair.

Give Your Hair a Styling Break

With so many Hair Extension options available on the market, from pre-styled textures to volume-enhancing ponytails, it makes it incredibly easy to skip the heat tool routine and clip in an instant hairpiece instead. LullaBellz Premium Synthetic Hair Extensions are all pre-styled and ready to wear, allowing you to transform your everyday look in a matter of minutes. With styles ranging from Curly, Blow Dry, Natural Wavy and Crimped Wavy - the styles and choices really are endless. And the best of all? Your natural hair remains damage-free!

Keep the Heat Low

Most modern Straighteners and Hair Curling Wands will (or should) feature a heat controlled temperature dial, allowing you to turn down the heat for more delicate hair types. These are especially helpful for styling colour-treated or bleached hair, where the strands can be more frail and prone to damage.

Hairdryers will also feature a 'cool' setting, to allow you to adjust the temperature when blow-drying hair after washing. It may increase the time of your blow drying routine, but in the long-run you'll reap the rewards of healthier hair. Opt for these settings to prevent unnecessary heat damage, especially if you upkeep a regular blow-drying routine.

Never Use Hot Tools on Wet Hair

By using Straighteners or Curling Wands on wet hair, you'll not only damage your strands, but you will also not achieve your desired styling results. Wet hair is more prone to damage when exposed to heat as the hair is in its most fragile state. So, the only tool you should be using on wet hair is a hairdryer, which will not have direct contact with your locks when styling. As the hairdryer is kept at a distance from the hair and isn't touching the hair per se, it's a non-damaging technique (as long as you stick to the 'warm' or 'cool' settings!)

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