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A few weeks ago, in search of the hottest hair talent in Manchester, we set out on our quest for individuals to join our jet-setting glam squad - assisting on International photoshoots, brand new product campaigns and exclusive launches.

With hundreds of applicants, we narrowed down and shortlisted three incredible talents and invited them along to our debut pop-up store and Summer Styling Suite in The Trafford Palazzo to demonstrate their expert hair skills on our real clients in a fast-paced environment. Could the girls handle the LullaBellz heat and hair goals?


We’d like to formally introduce you to our NEW jet-setting girl gang..


Age: 26 years old

Location: Deansgate, Manchester and North Wales

Favourite thing about hairstyling? My favourite thing about hairstyling is my clients reaction when I finish their hair, I love to see their confidence come to light! It makes them feel good and makes me so happy! 

Favourite LullaBellz product? I like them all! The Click & Twist Hair Tools, I absolutely love the way they style your hair! The Slick & Fix Styling Glue is also insane! And the 1 Piece Clip-ins, I can't choose!

What's your best-kept secret styling tip? My hairstyling tip would be to make sure you have different products for every hair type in your kit, different textures require different products for the best results! Another tip is to achieve the perfect waves and bouncy curls, always pin them as they cool down to get the best outcome.


Age: 23 years old

Location: Sheffield

Favourite thing about hairstyling? I love hairstyling as hair is such a big part of someone’s identity and I love making my clients happy and feel good about themselves.

Favourite LullaBellz product? I love the Click and Twist Hair Tools, they're so handy for travelling and also cover all styles!

What's your best-kept secret styling tip? My top hair secret is to sleep in dry shampoo to leave your hair super fresh the next day.


Age: 21 years old

Location: Birmingham

Favourite thing about hairstyling? I love being able to give someone confidence about themselves and knowing that I have made someone’s day! Being able to socialise with so many people and learning so much about people and their lives, and the ability to be that persons right hand when they need it most. I love being able to be creative and create beautiful hair for beautiful people.

Favourite LullaBellz product? It’s really hard to choose, but my favourite products right now are the It's That Deep Waver tool and Slick & Fix Styling Glue. 

What's your best-kept secret styling tip? I have so many but my two main secrets and top tips are spraying hairspray onto a flat Paddle Brush to brush out your curls so each individual hair is set with hairspray. My second top tip is using a small amount of Hair Mask on your hair to give your curls a wet look or using a hair mask to do a Slick Back Bun look xx


We're super excited to be working with Amy, Molly and Jemima as our brand new Glam Squad stylists. Keep your eyes peeled on our Socials as we'll be working closely with them on new product campaigns, photoshoots and exclusive launches!

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(* = Applies to full-priced Synthetic Hair and Wigs only. Excludes new launch products)

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