Margot Robbie As Barbie Is Everything Our Hair Dreams Are Made Of, And We Love It

Margot Robbie As Barbie Is Everything Our Hair Dreams Are Made Of, And We Love It


Directed by Greta Gerwig and starring (no other than) blonde bombshell Margot Robbie, the upcoming Barbie film is giving all the '90s nostalgia vibes of playing with our Doll Dreamhouse as a child, complete with pink plastic heels and signature VW Beetle - and we're totally here for it.

Co-starring alongside Ryan Gosling as Ken, Dua Lipa and Will Ferrell, Margot's iconic hair looks in the two minute trailer snippet below are giving ALL the playful inspo for us here at LullaBellz, and demonstrating that plastic really is fantastic. And if you aren't blonde already, there's a chance you'll be calling your local Salon by the end of this blogpost to book in for that full head of highlights. Margot, we've been influenced..

Wanna recreate her iconic looks ahead of the films release this Summer? Read on..

Margot shows us all how it's done with her casual locks worn down. Simplistic and chic, not to take the attention away from her magenta pink 'fit, it's giving Rapunzel vibes with length for days. Recreate her look with our Super Thick 5 Piece 22'' Hair Extensions in Straight or Natural Wavy to achieve that brushed out, effortless look. Want her colour? Opt for Light Blonde for a platinum look that rivals Margot's doll-like hair.


Braids were once a trend donned by our 9-year-old selves in the form of mini pigtails, scalp plaits or by using one of those twisting hair braiders (the ones which totally pulled half of our hair out) - but we've grown to love braids in our older years, too.

You can be rest assured that these days, braids are back on the scene, only this time without the inevitable hair damage. Our Grande 26'' Braid constructed with a wraparound finish is the ideal style to get Margot's iconic look. Top tip - gently pull sections of the braid apart once styled to achieve her thickened, statement hair look.


Cant decide between a pony and wearing your hair down? Achieve the best of both worlds and replicate Margot's playful Venice Beach roller-skate look with the Half Up Half Down Ponytail & Hair Extensions. Available in Curly or Straight, these 22'' beauties will provide hair with a full coverage look, allowing your hair to do all the talking. Super thick and incredibly full of volume, our synthetic hair extension sets are versatile so you can switch up your look in seconds. Available in over 30 shades from the brightest blonde hues, fierce reds and jet black shades.


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