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In our brand new blog series, 'My Hair Extension Story' we'll be sitting down with our favourite Social Media Influencers of the moment and deep-diving into their favourite products, hair advice and top tricks for ensuring a consistent blend when wearing Extensions.

Today, we caught up with Milena Pui on her favourite LullaBellz Hair Extensions to wear, top application tips and how to guarantee a seamless colour match every time. Here at LullaBellz, we adore Milena's content (she's one of our OG girls, after all!) and how she is able to completely transform her shorter length hair into luscious locks with just a few Clip-ins or Ponytail pieces.

If there's one thing we absolutely love about Milena, it's the confidence she has to sport any hair colour and totally pull it off each time - from a cool and ashy blonde to jet black or warm auburn (and everything in-between!) - we're always in complete awe at how she suits pretty much every single colour (so jealous!) Here at LullaBellz, we've confidently matched Milena up with each individual hair colour she's had, with no shade discrepancies or tell-tale signs of wearing Hair Extensions.

Ready to catch up with Milena's hair story? Read on..

First things first, when did you start wearing Hair Extensions?

I started wearing hair extensions in Lockdown 2020!

What is your favourite thing about Hair Extensions?

My favourite thing about wearing hair extensions is that I can change up my hairstyle instantly and it gives me a major confidence boost! Not everyone is blessed with thick, voluminous hair, so hair extensions are just a game changer!

Get the look: 22" 5 Piece Curly in shade 'California Blonde'

What would be your top tips for someone new to Hair Extensions?

If you are starting your journey with hair extensions, the first thing you need to get right, is the colour! (LullaBellz team are great at helping with that!), always tease your roots before clipping your strands in and make sure your clips are seamless and not showing from underneath your natural hair. Also, watching a few video tutorials beforehand is a great help with sectioning. 

How did you find your perfect colour match?

The LullaBellz team have matched me perfectly! I always try to match the overall shade to the colour of my hair ends, so it blends beautifully.

Get the lookUltimate Half Up Half Down 22" Curly in shade 'California Blonde'

What’s your favourite LullaBellz product and why?

It must be the 16" 5 Piece Blow Dry Wavy Synthetic Extensions! I love this style so much that I have it in as many different shades as many times I've changed my hair colour since 2020! It's an instant hair upgrade and I love that it already comes pre-styled into the gorgeous blow dried look! Salon worthy look at a fraction of the price!

What would you want to see next from LullaBellz?

I have noticed that LullaBellz have recently come out with rooted shades of their synthetic extensions, it would be great to see more of those shades in the human hair range! I also would love to see LullaBellz coming out with the hot blow dry brush!

Get the look: Extra AF 34" Braid in shade 'Light Golden Blonde'

Keep up with Milena and her incredible Hair & Beauty tutorials by checking out her socials below!

IG - @milenapui
TikTok - @milenapui


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