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Blonde hair — looks good but can be a real pain to maintain. Whether you're Bleach Blonde, Champagne Blonde, Golden Blonde or Honey Blonde - when done right, it's a shade that radiates vibrance and a hue that can look supermodel-worthy from every angle.

However, there are various daily elements our hair can be exposed to that can affect blonde tones with unfavourable results. Heat tools, UV exposure and even using the incorrect products can all contribute to blonde hair becoming dull, brassy and dry. In this article, we'll be exploring the best techniques and tips/tricks to keep your blonde hair fresher for longer, without breaking the bank..


One of the easiest ways to achieve a refreshed blonde tone is to combat that inevitable root regrowth. If your natural hair colour is considerably darker than your lightened locks, and its been a while since your last check-in at the hairdressers, then opting for a half head or full head of highlights at your Salon appointment will not only refresh your entire look, it'll give the illusion of healthier and vibrant hair, too. 

Blonde hair can lose its vibrancy over time and can easily become dull, especially if you've been spending a lot of time in the sun or using Heat Styling Tools. Highlights are an easy and effective way of adding dimension and amplifying the brightness to your hair, resulting in a fresh and youthful look.

Salon highlights involve the process of lightening specific sections of your hair to create contrast and depth. A skilled stylist will strategically place the highlights to compliment your natural hair colour and skin tone. This technique can help to mimic the natural way the sun would lighten your hair, resulting in a more natural and sun-kissed appearance.


Blonde hair often requires special care to maintain its vibrant colour and prevent brassiness. Purple Toning Shampoo is a must-have product for anyone with blonde hair seeking a complete refresh, or to add an ashy tone. But why is it so important?

When blonde hair is exposed to elements like sunlight, chlorine, or even certain hair products, it can start to turn yellow or brassy. Purple Toning Shampoo works by neutralising these unwanted tones, bringing back the cool, icy shade of blonde. 

Not all purple toning shampoos are created equal. It's crucial to choose a high-quality product that suits your hair type and desired results including those formulas with strong pigmentation, moisturising properties, and sulphate-free ingredients. Opting for a shampoo with a strong purple pigment will intensify the colour to counteract brassiness. Selecting a moisturising shampoo to lock in the hydration is also crucially important as to not dry out your hair any further and to promote hair health. Lastly, sulphates can strip away the hair's natural oils and colour, so it's best to choose a shampoo that is sulphate-free to keep your locks in the overall best condition.

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Blonde hair can sometimes lose its glossy lustre and appear dull over time. If you're looking for a quick and easy way to refresh your blonde locks, Clip-in Hair Extensions are the perfect solution. They offer instant volume, length, and a vibrant new look without the commitment, allowing you to switch up your look in a matter of minutes.

Before diving into the world of clip-in hair extensions, it's crucial to select the right shade that matches your blonde hair. You want the extensions to seamlessly blend with your natural hair colour. That's why at LullaBellz, we offer a FREE Colour Match Service to ensure you receive the correct colour, first time. Our skilled Hair Experts are on hand to assist with any colour matching queries, so whether you're umming and ahhing over two shades, or you're a complete beginner to the world of Hair Extensions - we've got you.



One often overlooked factor that can affect the quality and vibrancy of blonde hair is the water we use to wash it. Tap water contains minerals and impurities that can build up on the hair, causing it to become dry, brittle, and discoloured. This is where a filter shower head comes to the rescue!

A filter shower head is a shower head that is equipped with a built-in filtration system. This system is designed to remove impurities such as chlorine, heavy metals, and minerals from the water. By filtering out these harmful substances, a filter shower head helps to protect and nourish your blonde hair, keeping it looking fresh and vibrant.


Using a shine spray specifically designed for blonde hair can help restore its lustre and enhance its natural beauty. It's important to look for one that is specifically formulated for this hair colour. These sprays often contain ingredients that help neutralize brassiness and enhance the brightness of blonde tones. Additionally, opt for a spray that provides UV protection to prevent colour fading caused by sun exposure and to aid in promoting hair health.

Hot Girl Spritz 12-in-1 Spray - although not specially made for blondes (it's for brunettes, too!) - is a universal multi-use spray which restores natural shine to the hair thanks to the Grape Seed Oil infused formula. Use this spray daily to add mirror-like shine and a lustrous finish to any hairstyle.


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