The Clean Girl Hair Aesthetic

The Clean Girl Hair Aesthetic


Whether you’ve hopped on the recent Rosemary Oil band wagon for promoting longer, healthier locks, or you’ve finally decided to skip the make-up wipes and totally rehaul your daily skincare regime - the Clean Girl Aesthetic is well and truly here to stay (thanks to our TikTok FYP!)

With the recent launch of our second Hair Care phase, which includes a plethora of hair-strengthening products and ingredients for your hair to fall in love with, we’ve rounded up our favourite products and styles to completely transform your daily routine, in keeping with the ‘less is more’ minimalistic vibe.

Bring The Power With Hair Fuel

We’ve all heard of double cleansing for skincare, but why not try doubling up on your Shampoo within your haircare regime? Double cleansing ensures a squeaky clean finish, purifies the hair and eliminates any product build-up, residue or dirt - so you’re totally personifying the clean girl vibe! 

Apply your Hair Fuel Shampoo and lather as normal, and rinse until the water runs clear. Apply a small amount of the Shampoo again and repeat to give your hair an ultra-deep cleanse. Finish with Hair Fuel Conditioner to add a nourishing boost of hydration, and our 12-in-1 Hot Girl Spritz to inject all the hair goodness. Leave to air dry naturally for healthier looking and lustrous hair results.

Keep It Sleek, Girl

The perfect Y2K style and famously sported by Gigi and Bella Hadid, slick back hair has returned and become an effortless, ‘clean girl glam’ style spotted from the sidewalk to the runway - which can easily be achieved using the LullaBellz Feathered Bun Booster.

Highly inspired by our very own brand ambassador Mary Bedford and her signature hairstyle, the two-step design is the ideal product for enhancing thickness and adding spiked texture to finer hair. 

The key to this hairstyle is to ensure that the rest of the hair is kept completely polished and sleek, a strong contrast to the messy bun and textured finish behind. Think business in the front, party in the back. Use our Slick Back Down Baby Hair Styler to tame baby hairs, flyaways and ensure that your look is on-lock and pristine.

Polished & Preened

Last but certainly not least, is our holy grail product which we had to feature, because truthfully - we don't know where we'd be without it. If you haven't heard of Slick Back Down - where have you been?!

This revolutionary and versatile product is the fundamental piece you need in your weekend handbag to maintain a clean girl aesthetic. Small enough for on-the-go, but also perfect to use in your daily routine to keep flyaways and unsightly baby hairs at bay.

Constructed with an innovative mascara wand design, Slick Back Down is the perfect solution to eliminating frizz and ensuring that slick back pony actually looks slick. Featuring a non-sticky and transparent formula for an undetectable finish. Did we mention it also has a dreamy coconut scent too?! *Adds to basket*

Featuring Chamomile Flower Extract to soothe and hydrate the hair and scalp, whilst Aloe Leaf and Coconut Oil maintain the pH level and hydrate hair cuticles, alongside preventing breakage and promoting shine. The non-flaking and non-irritating formula makes this the perfect solution for sensitive scalps, too! Minimalist clean girls, run, don't walk to your shopping cart to grab Slick Back Down!


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