Follow These 5 Simple Steps To Promote Hair Growth

Follow These 5 Simple Steps To Promote Hair Growth

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Hair grows on average around six inches per year, however there are various products and known methods which claim to promote hair growth within a quicker timeframe.

The ultimate aim is to reduce breakage, rid of any split ends and establish a regular haircare routine in order to see real results. So, if you've just gone for 'the chop' and have instant regret, or you're wanting to add a little more length to your tresses - read on as we deep-dive into some of the established and popular methods you should be incorporating into your day-to-day routine in order to improve those inches. 

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It's a well known fact that getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night is beneficial for overall health. Ensuring you reach those 8 hours combats stress which can ultimately lead to hair loss. Not only this, but making sure you get enough Zzz's will drastically improve mood and brain performance - she's beauty AND brains.

To ensure that the hair gains enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals, the hair follicles thrive on blood flow in order to grow. However, blood flow decreases when we're short on shut-eye, so the hair gets less of those nutrients and has difficulty growing.


Although there is no scientific evidence to back Biotin and it's hair growth claims, there are substantial articles online which sing Biotins praises for improving skin texture, strengthening nails, and of course, lengthening locks. It has also been shown to help with preventing balding and hair loss. 

Biotin is usually one of the major ingredients found in your typical Skin, Hair and Nails supplements. Available in vitamin form, but also rich in foods such as bananas, eggs and milk. 



Drinking enough water helps energise and support hair growth, working from root to tip. Split ends and brittle hair are a thing of the past with sufficient hydration. Drinking water can also aid in working towards a healthier scalp; meaning less irritation, dryness and dandruff. Dehydration ultimately halts hair growth, so it's best to reach that goal of 8 glasses (or 2L) or water a day! 

Hydration plus healthy hair? We're in..


Ensuring you maintain a regular haircare regime which includes rejuvenating and nourishing treatments is key. Long gone are the days of a simple shampoo and condition, 12-in-1 Hot Girl Spritz is the first product on the market to contain 12 hair-loving and strengthening benefits, which work together to nourish hair and ultimately aid in hair growth. 

Panthenol is known to add long lasting moisture, improving hair surface and aids in thickening and smoothing hair whilst preventing split ends. 

Coconut extract aids in adding instant hydration, whilst Grapeseed helps to nourish hair, tames frizz and adds natural shine. 

Pea Protein works as a heat-activated cuticle defence, protecting against damage caused by blow drying, combing and styling, and also prevents cuticle cracking.



If remembering to take daily supplements isn't really your thing, or you're yearning for thicker, longer hair without the lengthy drawn-out process - then you've come to the right place.

Clip-in Hair Extensions are an ideal way of transforming shorter hair types to brand new lengths in an instant, all whilst being commitment and damage-free. Available in an array of varied textures, lengths and styles to suit all.

So, no matter how short or fine your natural hair is, there is definitely a solution for solving any hair dilemma! Check out our range of instant transformational pieces; from the One Piece, Five Piece or our wide selection of thickening Ponytails and Braids, for an immediate glow up to your hair.

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