The LullaBellz Guide to Stronger, Healthier Hair

The LullaBellz Guide to Stronger, Healthier Hair

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Achieving healthy, strong hair is something we all dream of. Heat damage, friction or exposure to harsh chemicals can all contribute to hair that loses its glossy and silk-soft potential. But, with endless products available on the market claiming a plethora of benefits to restore hair health, where do you start on regaining your best hair days?

We've compiled our favourite hair-loving products and accessories of the moment, guaranteed to level up your self-care regime and improve your overall hair health in a few easy steps.

Silk Pillowcases + Beauty Sleep = A Match Made In Hair Heaven

We know all too well how important getting 8 hours of beauty sleep each night is. But the silk pillowcase phenomenon is still gaining popularity amongst beauty enthusiasts and influencers for their ability to promote not only youthful skin, but healthier hair, too. Silk is a natural material that is both soft and gentle on the hair, helping to reduce friction, prevent split ends and eliminate unsightly frizz. Sounds like a no brainer, right?

The smooth texture of silk also helps to reduce creasing and damage caused by regular cotton pillowcases. Furthermore, silk pillowcases are known to retain moisture in the hair, ensuring that it stays hydrated whilst you're busy dreaming. All these benefits make silk pillowcases an ideal choice for those looking for a good nights beauty sleep while maintaining strong and healthy hair!

Hair Masks Are A Girls Best Friend

Hair masks are the perfect way to nourish and hydrate hair. With an intense and rich creamy formula, they're the perfect choice to revitalise and strengthen hair in just one use. Providing an intense treatment that can help repair split ends and reduce breakage for a healthier mane. With regular use of a hair mask, you can see significant improvement in the overall health of your hair. 

LullaBellz Revive & Thrive Hair Mask is a multi-use product (designed to use on hair extensions, but perfectly versatile for applying on natural hair, too!) Enriched with Shea Butter and natural oils, designed to deeply penetrate the hair shaft to promote healthier, stronger hair overnight. Super adaptable to your hair care needs, hair masks can be used as a quick fix or 'pick-me-up' in your shower routine to add a dose of hydration.

For a more intensifying boost and results that last, apply before bed and allow the hair mask to work its magic overnight before rinsing off in the morning - to totally upgrade your beauty sleep regime! 

Protection First!
Heat protectant spray is a must-have product for any hair enthusiast, or anyone who regularly uses hot tools such as straighteners and curling wands. Designed to create a protective barrier around the hair shaft, they aid in preventing hair breakage and dryness, all whilst keeping frizz at bay. Excessive use of heat tools on natural hair can lead to irreversible damage that can only be resolved by trimming the damaged sections of hair. So, prevention is key in helping achieving silk-soft hair with lustre.

LullaBellz Hot Girl Spritz 12-in-1 Spray has been specifically formulated to treat a plethora of hair dilemma issues in one simple spritz. The vegan formula works to prevent and smooth split ends, protect from heat styling and tame frizz in seconds. Did we mention the summery mango scent, too? *Immediately adds to basket*

Hair Scrunchies 
A true 90's hair trend that's giving ALL the nostalgia, but still pretty cool to wear these days (and we're not ashamed to admit it). Satin Hair Scrunchies are back on the block and are the perfect accessory to keep hair strong and healthy - whilst still looking super cute, too! Satin is an incredibly soft material which doesn't cause damage or snags on your locks, unlike regular hair ties or bobbles which can be prone for damaging the natural hair shaft with prolonged use.

The satin material is gentle enough to prevent tugging and pulling, which can lead to irreversible hair breakage and split ends. With its strong elasticity, satin scrunchies can help you achieve dreamy styles without causing any hair drama to your tresses. So, if you're an up-do kinda gal looking to achieve healthier and stronger hair in 2023, investing in a few satin scrunchies to channel your inner 90's babe is definitely worth it!


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