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Music Festivals are on the horizon again, and amidst all of the excitement surrounding late nights, unmissable headliners and spending the full duration devouring your body weight in Nutella waffles (guilty) — we've rounded up our top expert hair & beauty tips to make your next Festival a memorable one when it comes to surviving the weekend, and how to maintain full glam whilst doing so.

Which beauty essentials should you be taking to make your experience more glamping than camping? Read on to discover..


As self-confessed Hair Experts, we know a thing or two about which hairstyles are best suited to particular occasions and activities. Keeping your hair away from your face when at a Festival — when the weather can be unpredictably hot, and you're spending a full day basking in the heat at the main stage — is a sure fire way to remain cool and comfortable, while also channelling glam lengths.

Braids are an ideal hairstyle to wear at Festivals, as not only can you swish your hair to your hearts content, they can also easily conceal any hair-mergencies AKA oily roots without anyone knowing. Opt for the Grande 26" Double Up Braid with Slick Back Down Baby Hair Styler for a secure and trend-led look to take you through day one in style. Psst.. don't forget to pack your 2-in-1 Folding Comb & Brush, this nifty hair hero is specially designed for travel, so you can guarantee glam hair days whilst you're away.


Hair on lock? Ensure your make-up is set in place too, to avoid any beauty mishaps. All those trips back and forth to the campsite (accompanied by the blazing temperatures) can take their toll on your complexion and base products when at any Festival.

Team your Setting Spray in place with a long-lasting Face Primer (the tackier the texture, the better) before applying your usual Foundation to guarantee a smudge-proof base that lasts 'til midnight and beyond. Our favourites are the E.L.F Power Grip Primer and Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, a dream combination if you ask us.


So, you're away from home for 3 or 4 days maximum. Ask yourself, do you really need 5 pairs of eyelashes and a 24 pan eyeshadow palette? Stick to the make-up essentials you know you'll wear at the Festival, and skip the ones you're not so sure on. Space is often limited when you're camping at a Festival, and you'll usually be relying on a tiny mirror when it comes to make-up application  — so as much as you'd love to bring your go-to palette to encapsulate the perfect bronzed smokey eye, it's best to leave your much-loved beauty goodies safe at home.

As make-up mavens, we'd be taking a streamlined capsule of go-to necessities to keep us festival ready and glowing 'til the early hours; foundation, concealer, cream bronzer/blush duo, mascara and lip balm. Opting for liquid blushers that can be doubled up as lip tints is also a perfect space-saving alternative for the beauty connoisseurs among us. 


One of the most important essentials to bring to any Festival is SPF. Protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the sun is vital if you're planning to be outdoors all day, especially when exposed to harmful UV rays. Spritz the SPF evenly onto skin after applying your usual moisturiser, but making note to apply the product around 30 minutes before venturing out into direct sunlight for optimal protection.

SPF plays a vital role in shielding your skin from the damaging UV rays emitted by the sun, and most dermatologists recommend SPF 30 or higher — so be sure to add this into your daily routine if basking in the sun! Our favourites are the Bondi Sands SPF 50+ Sunscreen Lotion, and the Hello Sunday 'The One For Your Lips' SPF50 Lip Balm


Our ultimate hair saviour, where would we be without it?! For day 2 or day 3 styling when hair is prone to oilyness and lacking that freshly washed feel — Dry Shampoo will always come in handy. 

If you haven't opted for the VIP option at a Festival and those 'luxury' showers are out of reach, then the next best thing to hair washing is a can of Dry Shampoo. They work by soaking up excess oil whilst simultaneously providing your hair with a tropical or floral fragranced refresh - designed to eliminate any unpleasant scents that have accumulated in your hair whilst out in the open air. It's also perfect for adding volume and body to the root area by amping up the texture, too!


With Festivals taking place outdoors where dust and sweat can accumulate on your skin, one of the main advantages of using makeup wipes is their ability to remove dirt and residue effortlessly. By gently wiping your face and skin with a makeup wipe, you can instantly diminish these impurities and prevent clogged pores. This not only helps maintain a fresh appearance but also promotes healthier skin.

Not all makeup wipes are created equal, so it's important to choose the appropriate type for your Festival experience. Look for wipes that are specifically formulated for sensitive skin and are free from harsh chemicals. Those formulated with Micellar Water are especially beneficial as they'll remove excess traces of make-up and even the most stubborn of mascara, too.

Additionally, opt for wipes that are biodegradable to minimise your environmental impact. With the right makeup wipes in hand, you can enjoy the Festival while keeping your skin clean, healthy, and eco-friendly.


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