The Ultimate Guide To Colour Matching

The Ultimate Guide To Colour Matching

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With so many colours and shade variations in the hair extensions market, from multi-tonal hues, block colours to balayage blends (and everything in-between!), it can sometimes be daunting to find your perfect match first time round, but we’re here to solve any hair matching dilemmas!

The good news? We stock a vast array of over 30 shades from the brightest icy blondes, to rich chocolate brows, jet blacks and fierce auburn reds (to name but a few). We’re super confident we have the perfect shade to enhance your natural hair into dreamy tresses, without any colour discrepancies or awkward tell-tale signs! 

As shade experts in our field with over 10 years experience, we’ve cumulated The Ultimate Guide to Colour Matching, including our top photo tips when contacting us for your FREE colour match.

So, lets get down to the 411 on everything colour matching..

Warm, Cool or Neutral?

Most importantly when colour matching your hair to any hair extensions, is differentiating between the undertones; warm, cool or neutral. Warm undertones are where the hair can appear more golden or yellow in hue. Cool tones can indicate that a colour is more ashy or with a silvery tint. Whereas neutral tones are a combination of both, but neither too warm nor too cool.

We’ve compiled a list of all 32 shades we stock and whether they are classed as cool, warm or neutral - to make it super easy to find your closest tone!

Bleach Blonde - Cool
Pure Blonde - Warm
Light Blonde - Neutral
Light Golden Blonde - Cool
California Blonde - Cool
Golden Blonde - Warm
Champagne Blonde - Neutral
Highlighted Champagne Blonde - Warm
Honey Blonde - Warm
Caramel Blonde - Warm
Strawberry Blonde - Warm
Mixed Auburn - Warm
Auburn - Warm
Copper Red - Warm
Mellow Brown - Neutral
Toffee Brown - Warm
Blondette - Warm
Harvest Blonde - Cool
Burgundy Ruby Red - Cool
Burgundy - Neutral
Black & Burgundy - Cool
Plum - Warm
Golden Brown - Warm
Dark Brown & Caramel - Neutral
Warm Brunette - Warm
Silver Grey - Neutral
Chestnut - Warm
Choc Brown - Neutral
Dark Brown - Warm
Raven - Neutral
Natural Black - Neutral
Jet Black - Neutral

Clip-in gal, or a Power Pony babe?

One of the first things to consider when colour matching hair extensions is which product you’re ultimately looking to purchase. As tones and dimensions in hair can look significantly different when wearing hair down, as opposed to hair being tied up into a ponytail - your usual shade may differ depending on the hair extension product you decide to buy. 

For example, if your hair is honey blonde with strong highlighted tones and is primarily worn down, you would need to select a multi-tonal shade which matches and blends in seamlessly with your lighter mid-lengths and ends.

However, any darker tones or root regrowth may be more visible when hair is tied back into a sleek ponytail or bun - therefore if purchasing any of our wraparound or up-do hair extension products, you’d need to choose a shade which blends in with your darker tones for a seamless transition between your natural hair and the LullaBellz extensions. 

Hair Swatch Samples.. signed, sealed, delivered!

The ticket to your dream colour match = pending.

Finding your perfect match from the comfort of your own home has never been easier. If you’re stuck between a few blonde hues, brown shades or highlighted tones - simply order some of our Synthetic or human hair extensions Colour Samples to find your dream colour with a 100% match guarantee, delivered straight to your door. 

For the most accurate results, hold the colour swatch sample against the mid-lengths and ends of your hair in natural daylight, and choose the shade which blends in most seamlessly.

Hair Extensions.. as desserts?!
Yep, you read that right! To simplify our vast array of shades which feature in our colour chart, we’ve assigned each individual hue to a well-known food/household item which is almost identical in colour.

Screen resolutions can dramatically alter the way a colour appears on your laptop or phone device, so comparing our shades to items you may already be familiar with makes the process 100x easier! So, if your hair colour resembles the shade of liquorice sweets, then Jet Black is for you. Locks look more like butterscotch ice cream? Check out Champagne Blonde for your dreamy hair match.

Wanna know more and find out your perfect hair shade (whilst making you kinda hungry in the meantime?!) then head to our Full Colour Chart.

Let me take a selfie.. 

So you’ve viewed our colour chart, and you’re still a lil’ unsure on your perfect match? We’ve got you.

It’s super easy, take some images of your hair in natural daylight (outdoors is best, or near a window where natural light will shine through), showing the full length of your hair from root to tip for the most accurate result.

Artificial lighting, filters and close-up images are tricky for us to match, as they will portray your hair in a different light, so it’s always best to adhere to our colour matching advice. That way, we can match you first time perfectly without the fuss! Check out our example below for the perfect colour match..

To ensure an accurate shade match, our colour experts are on hand via our website, social channels and WhatsApp 7 days a week to help you find your dream colour! Simply snap a few photos of your hair (using our photo tips above), sit back and wait for your perfect LullaBellz match to land in your inbox!

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