TikTok Trending: Overnight Heatless Curls

TikTok Trending: Overnight Heatless Curls

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The trend that's still taking over socials..

With our TikTok FYP page flooded with the latest beauty trends, viral hair hacks and fashion-forward DIY styles - we thought it was about time to try one of them ourselves.

One of the most popular hacks (and one we're loving the results of!) is the 'Overnight Heatless Curls' trend. This DIY method involves using a specially designed satin curling ribbon, dressing gown tie (or socks if you don't have either of those!) - to create soft, bouncy curls without the heat damage.

As hair experts in the world of Clip-in Extensions, we'd like to think that we know a thing or two about hair. We've trialled and tested various methods over the years to attain the perfect curls on Hair Extensions - so whether you're enhancing just a few sections on your clip-ins, or giving your straight hair extensions a complete curl overhaul - we know which methods work, and which you should skip.

In our search for the perfect bouncy blow out at home, we decided to try the Overnight Heatless Curls trend out for ourselves and see if it lived up to the hype. Does it really work in achieving cost-effective results whilst maintaining healthier hair? Keep reading to find out..

As our Synthetic Hair Extensions are made from a mono-fibre material, they tend to repel heat when curling (it actually does the opposite, and will make the hair appear straighter instead) - meaning your typical curling wand or waver will not work on achieving bouncy curls or waves. Instead, Synthetic hair must be set in place using ceramic heated rollers (which takes around 30-45 minutes to do from start to finish). 

For Human Hair Extensions however, the methods to achieve the perfect curl are much more widely accessible. Human Hair Extensions are, well, human. And so you can use the exact same techniques, products and methods to attain bouncy curls - the same as you would use on your natural hair.

What you'll need:
Luxury Gold Human Hair Extensions
Section Clips - Pack of 4
Backcombing Brush
Hollywood Wave Comb
- Curling ribbon, dressing gown tie or socks

To make the results as fair as possible, we opted for our 18'' Luxury Gold 5 Piece Human Hair Extensions, which feature midi straight lengths. For the most seamless blend, we didn't want to try the DIY hack on Hair Extensions which were too long (such as our Straight 22" style), as this may compromise the overall result. Choosing a shorter length in our Hair Extensions allowed us to create uniform and volume-enhancing curls throughout the wefts without the fuss.

What were we looking to achieve?

In the search for XXL hair volume and body, we were seeking bouncy curls similar in style to our Thick 1 Piece 16'' Curly Clip-in Hair Extensions. This set provides so much definition, and curls that look as though you've just stepped freshly out of the salon. 

HOW TO: heatless curls at home

It's all in the prep..

Starting with freshly-washed hair, section your parting in the middle and apply your Clip-in Hair Extensions. You can add a light mist of water at this point to create a slight dampness which will set once the hair dries (this helps massively with securing a curled style). Ensure that the hair is slightly damp but not over saturated with the water.

Then, taking a long dressing gown tie, double this over and place it at the top of the head so that both sides are equal. Secure with one of our Section Clips so it stays firmly in place whilst styling your hair.

Twist & wrap!

Taking small sections towards the front of your hair, begin wrapping these around one side of the dressing gown tie, slowly adding and intertwining more sections of hair as you go. Try to make the hair wrapped around the tie as tight as possible for the best results.

Once you've reached the ends of the Hair Extensions, twist the dressing gown tie to make the hair even tighter and then secure in place with a bobble, scrunchie or hair tie. Repeat these steps on the other side of your hair and tie back the twisted sections of hair behind your head.

Beauty sleep = the key to volumised hair

For the best results, we recommend keeping the curls in your hair for around 6-8 hours. This gives your hair enough time to 'set' into place for longer-lasting results. As the dressing gown tie is made from a soft material, it's actually quite comfortable to sleep in, so keeping the curls in overnight is actually a better technique. This way, you'll wake up in the morning with perfectly formed curls (with so much volume), so you can get up and go about your day! Win, win.

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