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Investing in Hair Extensions to achieve a brand new look can sometimes be daunting, with a wide range of options available and the costs that associate it.

However, today we'll be exploring the topic of Human Hair Extensions (specifically LullaBellz Luxury Gold range). This blog post will help educate on our Luxury Gold Human Hair range by exploring their benefits, while considering value for money and why you should invest in these hair heroes for long-lasting and luxurious results — that won't break the bank.

We’ll go through how unique aspects set apart our Human Hair Extensions from others on the market, and how best to upkeep appropriate maintenance to maintain your strands’ lifespan after investing. After reading through this guide, you’ll be a certified LullaBellz Luxury Gold gal and able to make an educated decision when looking into Hair Extension types as they relate to your individual needs & lifestyle — so you get maximum bang-for-your-buck!

    The Advantages of Human Hair Extensions

    Using Human Hair Extensions for styling has numerous benefits and advantages. The most significant one being that, because they are crafted from genuine Human Hair, these additions produce an incredibly natural look and feel with the ability to seamlessly blend in with your own locks.

    In turn, this allows you to achieve the appearance of growth and volume without having to compromise on comfort or ease of use when applying them. Individuals who opt for this choice find themselves benefited by its versatility which allows various creative styling options as opposed to their regular strands.

    Natural Look and Feel

    If you're looking to upgrade your appearance to glam levels without the obvious tell-tale signs, Luxury Gold Human Hair Extensions could well be a perfect choice for you. In particular, Remy Hair which boast smoothness and tangle-free lengths which can blend seamlessly with the texture and colour of your natural locks. Available in 3 natural lengths: 18", 20" or 22" - allowing you to enhance your day-to-day look without going too extreme.

    Choosing Hair Extensions that match well is vital in order to obtain the desired style - this should only be done by experienced stylists or suppliers’ colour swatches as reference when selecting between shades and styles. At LullaBellz, we offer a multitude of different options when selecting your perfect hair colour first time — from our FREE Colour Match Service, Human Hair Swatch Samples, and our Full Colour Chart which simplifies and similarizes each of our shades with a well-known item.

    Comfort and Ease of Use

    When investing in Hair Extensions, it’s essential to remember that selecting quality Human Hair can save you money and time in the long-run. One advantage of these kinds of Extensions is the comfort and ease they provide – when opting for high-grade Remy products, your head will be adorned with real human hairs which are incredibly lightweight, yet silky soft to the touch. Clip-In varieties enable quick attachment while permitting maximum styling freedom.

    In contrast, purchasing cheaper Human Hair options may seem attractive initially due to the low price point, but ultimately result in having to fork out more funds due to needing frequent replacements or general upkeep. Buying high quality solutions makes a lot of sense as an investment — since not only do you achieve natural looking results, but also don’t have to pay extra maintenance costs down the line.

    Versatility in Styling

    Hair Extensions open up a range of potential for styling, allowing you to try out and experiment with a plethora of glam looks without long-term consequences. Human Hair Extensions are able to be cut and coloured as desired, and they even allow the use of heat in achieving your chosen hairstyle!

    You have so much freedom when opting for Human Hair. Create sleek straight strands or beachy waves with our interchangeable Click & Twist Hair Tools collection – or opt for styling your clip-ins into ponytails, buns or braids. All these endless styling choices make investing in Human Hair Extensions worthwhile should you want your locks to transform with ease!

    Remy Hair Extensions

    Human Hair Extensions, especially 100% Remy Hair, are deemed to be the top quality on the market due to having all cuticles aligned and intact with zero tangles. If you’re seeking extra length or volume for your natural locks, they provide a range of advantages with proper care including an ultra-natural look and feel while being very comfortable during styling. If taken good care of, Remy Hair can last several months making these pieces quite worthwhile investments.

    Matching Hair Colours and Textures

    When selecting extensions, take into consideration the natural texture and colour of your hair for a virtually undetectable look. To make sure there’s no obvious distinction between real hair and extensions, pick styles similar to the texture of your natural hair and being close to its hue – only a few shades darker/lighter than what nature gave you should be sufficient. When done properly, blending genuine locks and faux fibres together can result in salon-worthy results.

    Caring for Your Human Hair Extensions

    Ensuring that your Human Hair Extensions are kept in pristine condition and appearance requires proper care. Here, we’ll walk you through the correct products when washing and conditioning them. It’s recommended that you do this at least once a week to remove any product build-up or residue, using specifically designed Shampoo and Conditioning products for Human Hair Extension pieces. 

    Opting for paraben-free and sulphate-free formulas will also be hugely beneficial when maintaining correct aftercare. LullaBellz Hair Fuel range has been specifically designed to use on our Luxury Gold Human Hair Extensions — to hydrate, nourish and revitalise the strands from weft to tip. 

    Heat-Styling & Protection

    When styling Human Hair Extensions, the use of heat protection products is also essential in order to avoid any unnecessary damage. Without this precautionary step, dryness or breakage may occur due to the weakening effects of excessive heat on these kinds of hairpieces.

    The most appropriate haircare for providing amicable heat defence to Human Hair Extensions is the LullaBellz Hot Girl Spritz 12-in-1 Heat Protectant Spray. Before using any tools that radiate heated technology, ensure your locks are fully clean and dry beforehand. Afterwards, proceed by evenly spraying Hot Girl Spritz around 8-10 inches away then follow with blow-drying or curling as desired without worrying about deteriorating strands!

    Storage & Detangling

    To preserve the quality of your Human Hair Extensions and ensure their longevity, it is imperative to properly store them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

    Maintain your Luxury Gold Hair Extensions by keeping them inside their storage box for optimum upkeep. For de-tangling purposes, start at the tips with our Hollywood Wave wide-toothed Comb and work gradually towards the weft, but be gentle throughout this process as pulling too hard can damage them.

    Following these simple steps will definitely help maintain optimal levels of nourishment for every single strand contained within the Hair Extensions, which will ultimately aid in keeping the hair looking glossy, lustrous and full of life for longer.

    So, are they worth it?

    Investing in Human Hair Extensions is definitely worthwhile due to the many advantages they offer: natural feel, flexibility for styling and stress-free wearing. These options feature realistic appearances, greater capacity for style tweaking and longer durability. They yield larger cost efficiency over time by taking less effort to upkeep.

    When choosing such items of hair enhancement it’s key to bear in mind and establish a correct care routine as well as factors that contribute towards the ideal product selection - Remy Human Hair Extensions which are indistinguishable from your own locks both in shade and texture will ensure you channel realistic results and a seamless blend every time.


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    Wow, these Human Hair Extensions look amazing! They’re so natural-looking, it’s hard to tell they’re not real hair. Has anyone tried clip-in extensions? I’m curious how easy they are to put in and take out, and if they damage your natural hair at all.

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