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Subtle, sunkissed tones and highlighted hues are two colour selects that are constantly making moves on our style radar. The warmer Summer months call for multi-tonal tints by injecting a dash of radiant blonde scattered throughout our hair, particularly towards the mid-lengths and ends for the most natural look.

Now, before you go and reach for the heat-activated lightener spray we all swore by circa 2009 - packed with peroxide and bleaching agents (what were we thinking?!) - read on as we unveil exactly how to achieve that supermodel 'Bronde' look with Clip-in Hair Extensions - not only on a budget, but with 100% damage-free results to maintain optimal hair health.

So, what is ‘Bronde’?

Is it brown? Is it blonde? It's the million dollar question on all our minds.

Bronde, most commonly referred to in a professional Salon setting, is a fusion between medium to dark blonde and light brown shades. It’s a combined colour blend in which both tones compliment and mesh seamlessly together to create a soft and sunkissed highlight vibe. Think subtle, lightened strands which reflect light and contrast with the base colour for a multidimensional finish. 

How can I achieve the 'Bronde' look at home?

Achieving the perfect 'Bronde' hair colour at home couldn't be easier. It doesn't involve risky hair dyes, DIY highlight caps (or that aforementioned lightener spray!)

By simply opting for one of our Highlighted Hair Extension shades, such as Honey Blonde, Mellow Brown or Toffee Brown - you can secure the Salon look at home, without the lengthy appointment times or price tag that goes alongside it.

These shades have been expertly designed to provide a subtle and sunkissed finish to any similar hair colour. Your natural hair doesn’t necessarily have to be pre-highlighted for them to match, as the light reflecting hues are so natural-looking and multidimensional. Meaning the Hair Extensions will tend to blend in perfectly with most hair types and tones.


One of our best-selling and well-loved shades, Honey Blonde, should be your first option if you're a lighter haired babe. This shade features subtle multi-tonal strands scattered on a warm, dark blonde base.

In direct sunlight, this hue reflects the light beautifully creating a seamless multidimensional edge. The beauty of our Honey Blonde shade is that it matches and blends incredibly well with a plethora of blonde tones - so even if you're on the super light range of the blonde spectrum, as long as your natural hair is styled to mimc the Hair Extensions, you shouldn't have any problems with this colour blending in.


Slightly darker than Honey Blonde but with more of an ashy base, is our much-loved Mellow Brown hue. This shade is ideal to encapsulate the perfect 'Bronde' shade, as it features subtle blonde highlights scattered throughout the light brown base.

Mellow Brown is the ideal shade for girls that are in-between a dark blonde and medium brown hair colour - our absolute Summer go-to! 


Last but certainly not least, is our all-time favourite when it comes to capturing the iconic 'Bronde' trend. Toffee Brown is our warm hair shade with a butterscotch blonde highlights gently blending throughout.

This shade perfectly reflects direct sunlight, providing a glossy and lustrous finish to the Hair Extensions - making hair appear healthy, revitalised and full of life. It's the shade that keeps everyone guessing "is it real?"


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