Heightened hair has never been easier to achieve! Channel your inner IT Girl with the hair to match, for a statement look that makes serious bold moves. Braid the ultimate hairway to heaven with our latest glam hair-drop. Say hello to our 34" Extra AF Braid, our longest power plait to land at LullaBellz with so much sass. Easily incorporated and styled into your own hair with clear band elastics for the most undetectable finish, for hair that does all the talking without any tell-tale signs. The secret to achieving head-turning hair to elevate any outfit = unlocked. Highly inspired by Kimmy K and our very own cool girl LullaBabes; we're sporting new lengths with inches for days, are you?

Available in over 30 shades for every LullaBabe. From the brightest icy blondes and rich auburn reds, to the deepest velvety chocolate brown hues and stark jet black tones. Highlights more your thing? With a vast array of soft multi-tonal and balayage blends, LullaBellz have you covered with a shade to suit all.

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How to perfect your braid

Flyaways or shine? We don't know her..

LullaBellz Top Tips: Use a small amount of Slick and Fix Styling Glue to diminish any frizz and prep your natural locks to perfection with a sleek and glossy finish. Disguise any baby hairs with Slick Back Down to perfect your new heightened look!


How To Apply Our 34” Extra AF Braid

Step 1: Tie your natural hair into a pony and perfect any sections of unruly hair with LullaBellz Slick and Fix Styling Glue.

Step 2: Tie the braid hair piece around your natural hair ponytail.

Step 3: Separate the shorter Synthetic Hair piece from the longer ones. This can be clipped forward to not interfere with your braid styling!

Step 4: Split your hair into 3 sections and braid it with the synthetic hair, securing the braid with an elastic.

Step 5: Comb through the shorter piece of Synthetic Hair, and wraparound the base of your newly styled braid. Secure in place with included grips and finish with a small amount of Slick and Fix Styling Glue for extra grip.