With so many styles to choose from, shopping for hair extensions can sometimes be overwhelming. So, we’ve put together a Size Guide to help you choose the hair extensions that are right for you to ensure they fit comfortably and securely, whilst helping you achieve your ultimate #HAIRGOALS!

This Size Guide refers to the width of the weft. Once you’ve measured out the correct length (as per the guide), hold the tape measure to the back of your head to see how each weft fits.

To make it even easier, our guide is broken down by style.

TIP: You’ll need a tape measure for the next part…

Got your eyes on our ultra-voluminous 5 Piece Extensions?
 These are ideal for building ultra-volume and thickness,
providing you with the ultimate transformation! 


1 x 5 clip (approx. 11.5inch / 29cm)
1 x 4 clip (approx. 8.5inch / 21.5cm)
1 x 3 clip (approx. 6inch / 15cm)
2 x 2 clip (approx. 3inch / 8cm)

Choose your length

Our  5 Piece Extensions come in 3 gorgeous lengths. Choose from  16”,  22” or  26” and in a variety of different finishes.

Fancy a 1 Piece Extension?
This is the right choice for you if you’re looking to enhance and boost your natural locks.


1 x 4 clip (approx. 11.5inch / 29cm)

Choose your length

Our 1 Piece Extensions are available in both Straight and Curly styles, from a cute AF  16” &  18” styles to an ultra-long  20” &  24” weft.

Can’t decide whether to wear your hair up or down? You don’t have to!
Our Half Up Half Down is the 
definition of glam.


2 x 4 clip (approx. 8inch / 20cm)
2 x 3 clip (approx. 6inch / 15cm)
Pony weft (4.5inch / 11cm)
Pony with Velcro (7inch / 18cm)

Our Half Up Half Down style is 22” in length, inspired by our best selling 22” 5 Piece Extensions. Available in Curly and Straight finishes.