Two Piece Hair Extensions

If your locks are lacking inches or you’re simply looking to boost and amplify your hair volume, then our Two Piece Hair Extensions are the hair heroes you’ll wanna add to your cart. Designed to subtly enhance and boost, the Two Piece Hair Extensions are our quickest and simplest hairpieces to apply. Discreet with featherlight PU tape-like wefts which blend with the curvature of your head - guaranteeing seamless blends every time. So whether you’ve had one too many hair-mergencies in the past from bleach or colour-treated hair where breakage is more common, make the Face Framing Boosters your newest go-to. Specially curated for hair that never grows past a certain length, or delicate tresses that need a little TLC. Skip the hair break-up and fall back in love with your locks again using our Two Piece Hair Extensions. 

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