Channel your inner IT Girl and braid a hairway to heaven with our latest glam hair-drop. Introducing our 34" Extra Braid, our longest and sassiest power plait to land at LB HQ. Highly inspired by Kimmy K and our very own cool girl LullaBabes; we're vibing new lengths with inches. for. days.

How To Perfect Your Braid

Flyaways or shine? Not here, girl!
LullaBellz Top Tips: 
Use a small spritz of hairspray or styling gel to diminish any frizz and prep your natural locks to perfection with a slicked and glossy finish. 
Prefer a much more natural finish? Add a minimal amount of Dry Shampoo to the hair before styling to dull down any excess shine.

How To Apply Our 34” Extra AF Braid

Step 1: Tie hair into a pony and jell back any loose bits of hair

Step 2: Tie the hair piece around your pony

Step 3: Separate the shorter synthetic hair piece from the longer ones

Step 4: Split your hair into 3 sections and braid it with the synthetic hair, securing the braid with a elastic

Step 5: Comb through the shorter piece and wraparound pony using grips to secure. 

Style Suggestions 
Wear the Extra Braid in multiple ways. Take a look at some of our girls and how they style it.

Front Fringe With A Low Braid

Front Fringe With A High Braid

Slick Back With A Low Braid