My 2023 Era

Boss Babe       Gym Girl        Insta Glam     Manifest + Chill

Hot Girl 2023 calling and it’s time to pick up. New year, same you. Whether you’re a self-confessed Fitness Queen or making moves as a hustling Boss Babe, make this the year of good hair days. Meditate and Manifest or Insta Glam more your thing? We’ve got you covered with hairpieces to match the self-care. Whatever your vibe is for 2023, make LullaBellz your go-to for the cant-live-without hair extension styles to be seen in this SZN.

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  1. Grande 26" Braid
    More Colours+ 30 More Shades
    Grande 26" Braid
    From £28.00
Set Descending Direction