Try These Tips To Keep Your Hair Extensions Tangle-Free

Try These Tips To Keep Your Hair Extensions Tangle-Free

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The beauty of wearing hair extensions is that they can totally elevate and transform your everyday look in just a few minutes. However, just like our natural hair, Hair Extensions can also be prone to some tangling (particularly at the nape of the neck or mid-lengths of the hair) and this is completely normal.

Excessive tangling however shouldn't occur, and is often down to either poor maintenance, incorrect brushes or wrong styling techniques.

We've rounded up our top tips on keeping those pesky tangles at bay, and if you do come across any, the techniques and brushes you need to combat them!

1. Invest in a detangling spray

The first step to detangling, is well, detangling! Using a product which has been specifically formulated to combat any knotty hair dilemmas is the key to maintaining super soft locks, which a brush will glide through without the drama.

LullaBellz Knots Out Detangling Spray is enriched with hair-loving ingredients such as Argan, Grape and Jojoba Seed Oils which are known to infuse and nourish every strand of hair from root to tip, ensuring sleek locks every time. 

The non-greasy formula allows your brush to glide through Hair Extensions effortlessly, all whilst eliminating tangles and knots instantly.

How to use: Spray product generously on clean, towel-dried hair from root to tip, or from the top of the weft to the ends if using the product on hair extensions. Gently run your LullaBellz Detangling Brush through your hair / hair extensions, beginning at the bottom and gradually working upwards until the brush glides through. Leave hair extensions to air dry naturally for silky soft and nourished locks.

2. Use your natural hair to separate the wefts

Tangling in Hair Extensions can commonly occur if you're wearing a set which contains multiple wefts. Incorrect application of these wefts can lead to them becoming 'meshed' together, particularly when you remove the clip-ins, which can lead to a huge knotted mess!

Ensuring that you're using sections of your natural hair to separate each weft is an ideal way of combatting any tangling that may occur. Not only is this the correct technique of application, but it also prevents friction from the wefts intertwining together. Think of it as an alternating layer effect when applying your clip-ins; weft, natural hair, weft, natural hair, and so on..

3. Storage, storage, storage!

Correct storage of your Hair Extensions is vital to prevent tangles. It's pretty self-explanatory, and not a step to be missed! By leaving your Hair Extensions thrown to one side or on the floor is a sure-fire way for the hair to become unruly, messy and with more knots than you can shake a stick at.

Investing in one of our (super cute) Satin Storage Bags is the ideal way of maintaining the condition of Hair Extensions. We're not ashamed to say that we have a dedicated LullaBellz drawer in our dressing table set up that's reserved solely for our collection of Clip-Ins and Ponytails. Too far? Never..

4. Brush before, during and after wear

Keeping your Hair Extensions super smooth and silky is the key to maintaining their soft texture and ensuring that tangles are kept firmly in the past. Our top brushes for use with Hair Extensions are our LullaBellz Paddle Brush, Vent Brush and of course, the Detangling Brush. All of these tools feature soft bristles which glide through the hair without tugging or excessively pulling on the strands.

For the best results, ensure that your Hair Extensions are brushed before application, during wear and after you've taken them out - to maintain their smooth quality. By doing so, you can be sure to tackle any tangles before they worsen into knots.

5. Wash hair extensions regularly

Commit to a simple haircare regime you can maintain. Dependent on how often you use styling products, you may only need to wash the hair once or twice a month. However, if you're regularly using hairspray, mousse or gels - the hair will require more frequent washing to purify the strands and eliminate any product build-up. For the best results, ensure that you're only using products suitable for Hair Extension use. Sulphate and paraben-free formulas are ideal as they contain no nasties! Happy hair = happy results.

LullaBellz Hair Fuel Shampoo and Conditioner have been specifically formulated for use on not only natural hair, but on Hair Extensions, too! So you can put down that bottle of 2-in-1 and opt for products which are kind to Hair Extensions and will actually work to provide visible results.

6. Straighten the hair

Now, this might sound sceptical and counter productive, but trust us on this one (we are hair experts after all!). If your Straight Hair Extensions start to feel rough or frizzy from excessive tangling, or lose their free flowing movement - straightening the wefts can actually be quite beneficial. In essence, any kinks or strands that feel 'wirey' or straw-like are completely smoothed out with the gentle use of Straighteners (whilst also adding some gloss and shine back into the hair, too!)

Gently glide the LullaBellz Statement Straightener through your Synthetic Hair Extensions once or twice until the hair feels silky, particularly focusing on any dry areas to smoothen out the hair cuticle. It's best to do this alongside using a thin-tailed comb, so you can precisely section the parts of hair you wish to treat. However if you do try this technique, be cautious when doing so - and ensure to only use Straighteners on a maximum temperature of 180 degrees if you're wearing our Synthetic Hair Extensions to prevent further damage. 

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My sister’s wedding is in a month, and since the dress she got for me as her maid of honor seems like it would suit me better if I had long hair, I’m considering getting extensions this weekend. I found it quite helpful when you informed us that we may only need to wash our hair extensions once or twice a month, but it is advised to wash them much more frequently than that if we regularly use hairspray, mousse, or gels on them. I’ll be sure to take note of this while I look for a hair studio in Monrovia to call for an appointment soon for my hair extensions.

Clare Martin

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